Big News and Friday’s Excerpt!

Happy Fall Equinox!

It is a beautiful day here in Ontario. A little too hot for the fall if you ask me, and I’m really looking forward to the cooler weather of the coming weeks.

I have BIG News! So, let me get right to it. I won’t make you wait any longer. Drum roll please (this is the part where you have to use your imagination. I, ah, don’t have sound on my blog)!

Signs of Love and Deliverance will be FREE starting Saturday for five days in kindle!

That’s right, FREE!

Tomorrow!  On Saturday!  September 23!  All the way until Wednesday, September 27! On kindle!

Go snatch up your kindle copy before time runs out. Oh, come on, you know you want to read it! Go on, go read it! Give it a download, save it for a cold and rainy weekend if you must, but go get your copy. That’s an ebook. Free! You don’t have to have a kindle to get it. You can download it to any ebook device. Go on, go get it.

If you like romance, I promise Signs of Love and Deliverance is fun. There is lots of mayhem and mystery and bad guys, and oh, the sexy, hot men in this story, not to mention those feisty women who know how to kick butt when they need to. There is something for everyone. Well, maybe not those who don’t like romance – ok, I will grudgingly admit, not everyone will like this story. But you won’t know until you try it. Come on, you have nothing to lose, only a bit of your time. And when you’re done reading, you can go write a review, or just let me know what you liked or didn’t like. I really do want to know what my readers think.

Just go get your copy, it’s FREE for five days! Starting Saturday, that’s tomorrow! On kindle! It’s available on all amazon sites. Here is the link for and is below. For those of you using other amazon sites such as just go to the site and in the search box type in Signs of Love and Deliverance or Tracy Kay and click on the kindle version of the book. You may need to scroll down a bit if you only type in my name as the search engine doesn’t always put me at the top of the list. If you can’t find it, drop me a message here, on facebook or in an email. I’ll make sure you get there!


Today’s Signs of Love and Deliverance Excerpt!

Now for what you have been waiting for, today’s excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance. On Monday, I had featured the fiery Gretchen Malany, so I have chosen an excerpt that features her.

Gretchen stared at him in astonishment. How dare he intrude on her solitude? No one was permitted in her studio without her permission, especially the servants. She wouldn’t even allow the housekeeper to enter the room to clean it. She cleaned it herself. The only exceptions to her rule were her brothers, Madeline, Corinna, and now, Raven and Maxine. The studio was her haven, her escape from reality, and she was outraged that this stable hand had the audacity to overstep his place.

Gretchen breathed in deep, and with her most superior voice, berated him. “Señor Parez, if I wish to take a ride, I will do so. I am not obligated to inform you of it in advanced. How I spend my days are of no concern to you. Furthermore, this room is off limits to the servants, and that Señor Parez, includes you. If these conditions are unacceptable to you, you are welcome to resign.”

Manuel watched her heaving breasts in admiration. She was beautiful when she was enraged. He would have to remember that. He could imagine her bucking wildly beneath him in fear and passion as he took her, getting his fill. Reluctantly, he set aside the fantasy for another time. He had to gain her confidence and trust first. He would have to move slowly, but he had time. He smiled charmingly at her and inclined his head slightly. “Pardon me, Señorita, I did not mean to offend you. I thought with it being such a splendid morning, you would enjoy a ride.”

Gretchen studied him, unsure to trust him or not. He seemed sincere, but she had her doubts. “Thank you for the offer, Señor Parez, but I don’t wish to ride today. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to finish my painting,” she dismissed him with a wave of her hand.

Manuel frowned as he bowed his head, his only concession that he was in her employ and not of the same status. “As you wish, Señorita.”

“My lady.”

“Excuse me, Señorita?” Manuel peered at her in puzzlement.

“My title is lady, please refer to me as such.” Gretchen glared at him daringly. She had seen his frown and a little demon inside of her had made her challenge him.

I hope you enjoyed today’s excerpt featuring Gretchen and it inspires you to go get your FREE kindle copy of Signs of Love and Deliverance.

And to inspired you further to get your FREE kindle copy of Signs of Love and Deliverance, here is an extra excerpt I had posted some weeks ago that features the stars of Signs of Love and Deliverance, Madeline and Damon.

Madeline was done waiting and done holding back her feelings. She wanted Damon. His body against hers felt right. His arms around her made her feel safe and his kisses made her feel desirable. All the nights he had held her while she slept only fueled the fire. She didn’t want to wait another moment, a moment that may never come again. “I want you to make love to me, Damon.”

He gazed at her intently, catching her green eyes with his amber ones. “Madeline.” He groaned deep in his throat. Once he started, he wasn’t going to be able to stop. She didn’t know what she was asking of him.

“I want you, Damon, please,” Madeline pleaded, holding his gaze. She wanted him to kiss her again and she wanted more than a kiss. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted, but she wanted him.

Unable to resist her, Damon kissed her deeply for a long moment. He broke off the kiss and grasped her chin. “Are you sure? Once we do this, there is no going back.”

She nodded, staring into his passion filled, amber eyes. She could drown in those seductive eyes.

Those two characters are meant to be together! So sweet and sexy! Don’t you want to read more and find how sweet and sexy they are?

It is FREE tomorrow, you know, for five days! On kindle. You know you want it. Go on, go get a copy! The link for are below! And go read my book! You know, I will be posting about it all weekend long, everywhere I go. Oh, go read it! It’s fun! Go get your copy of Signs of Love and Deliverance tomorrow! Have a great weekend and keep on reading!


Wednesday’s Featured Author

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I seem to be playing catch up today and a step behind with all sorts of things not going quite right, such is the way sometimes. So, let’s get right to it. Today is featured author day and I am continuing with my sci fi monster thriller binge. Over the past few days I have been reading two authors so I will feature them both.

First Featured Author: Victor Zarkov

Over the weekend, I read the first novel in Zarkov’s Jurassic Series, Jurassic Island. Last night, I completed reading the second book in this series, Jurassic Sea. The main character in this series is Colt McKinnon, a former adventure T.V. star who investigated paranormal, unusual, and mythical creatures. In the first novel, Colt is hired by Joseph Thornton, a wealthy and eccentric man, to join a team of scientists, photographers, and explorers to investigate Spectre Island which is shrouded in mystery and myth. This group embarks on a journey that involves many encounters with monsters, running, screaming and dying. You will need to read this fast-passed adventure to discover what this Island is all about and who survives. In the next novel, Jurassic Sea, Colt is hired by Nyoko Hisakawa, Joseph Thornton’s nemesis, to investigate the Bermuda Triangle, where she believes a dimensional rift occurs where people disappear for days and possibly forever. It doesn’t move on as quickly as the first and there isn’t as much screaming, running and dying as the first, but still an entertaining read.

Second Featured Author: John J. Rust

I finished up reading John J. Rust’s novel, Sea Raptor, the other night. I have to say that I loved this novel. The setting is in a place that is near and dear to my heart. I grew up going to various beaches all along New Jersey’s seaside cities and towns so I know the setting well.

Oh no! The Point Pleasant Monster is loose on the Jersey Shore! There was lots of action with a sea monster and a former Army Ranger as the hero, and oh, a nice little romance thrown in to make the romance fiction lover in me happy with this story. The ex Army Ranger, Captain Jack Raston is asked to leave his boring security guard job at a Philadelphia zoo where his Dad is the Director to join the Foundation for Undocumented Biological Investigation. Jack joins a team of scientists and a cute female photographer in search of the Point Pleasant Monster to capture the creature with Jack on security detail. This story if full of adventure with ex Rangers, cantankerous scientists, the Coast Guard, and a large, scary, people-chomping monster. This story even included some really evil bad guys who get in the way of the team doing their job. This is a really fun, fast passed book and I couldn’t put it down. I was disappointed when it was over and wanted more. This story isn’t part of a series, but Mr. Rust left the door open for a possible sequel that may include more of his great team of characters.

If you love a good sci fi monster thriller novel, go check out these two authors. They are great reads! If monsters aren’t your cup of tea and would rather stick with romance, go check out some of my previous featured author posts, or better yet, go pick up a copy of my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. The link is below.

Don’t forget to stop by on Friday for a big announcement I have and to read up on the next Signs of Love and Deliverance excerpt. Until then, have a great week and keep on reading!


Monday’s Featured Character

Good Afternoon!

It’s Monday already. The weekend seemed to just disappear. I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready for this week. It’s going to be a busy one!
Today is featured character day and my featured character is one of the lovely ladies of Signs of Love and Deliverance.

Featured Character from Signs of Love and Deliverance: Lady Gretchen Malany

Gretchen Malany is one lively, fiery lady. She is feisty, strong willed, and speaks her mind. Gretchen prefers to spend her time painting or with her family and close friends. She isn’t much of a socialite and doesn’t care about what others think of her. Gretchen is the sister of the Simon Malany, the Marquess of Morelyn and she helps him run their very large estate. In fact, she is the sister of many brothers and they are a close-knit family. However, no matter how close she is to her many brothers, she does butt heads with them from time to time.

Gretchen is Madeline Cathcart’s, the heroine of this story, best friend. They grew up together and always seem to find themselves in trouble together. Here is a paragraph from Signs of Love and Deliverance that describes Madeline and Gretchen’s relationship and a little about Gretchen.

Madeline had known Gretchen since they were children and they seemed more like sisters than friends. It was no surprise they were good friends. After all, their families had been neighbors for decades, and she and Gretchen had gotten into so many scrapes together through the years, Madeline couldn’t remember them all. Gretchen had a sweet nature and was full of energy, but when provoked, she became a spitfire as her many brothers liked to call her. At twenty-four, she was a tiny slip of a woman, barely five feet tall, with rich, auburn hair that had red and gold highlights and light gray eyes almost the color of silver. She had a soft beauty that melted hearts and she held a very special place in Madeline’s life.

Gretchen does play a major role in this novel, and she finds herself becoming smitten with Raven, one of the Captains of the Deliverance Society. Things do get interesting between these two characters. I can promise, Gretchen will be featured in future stories. I think many readers will fall in love with this character as I have. Madeline couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s featured character and want to go find out what Gretchen is up to by reading my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. The link is below for the kindle version.

Don’t forget, Wednesday is Feature Author day and Friday I will post another excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance. Also, look for a special announcement on Friday. I have big news! Until then, have a great rest of your Monday and keep on reading!


Friday’s Excerpt

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m glad it is Friday. It has been a long week and I’m looking forward to the weekend. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in Ontario, although unseasonable warm. I know many who will be happy for the summer heat, but I, for one, wish it was a little cooler as I much prefer crisp fall days. However, the fall days are coming! The perfect cuddle on the couch with the dogs and a good book kind of weather.

Speaking of a good book, today is the day I tantalize you with an excerpt from my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. Since Conrad Morgan is my featured character this week, I will give you another little taste of the Captain. In this scene, Conrad meets Jeremy Parker for the first time as he joins the crew of the ship the Deliverance. As to who Jeremy is and why he joins the crew, you will just have to read the book to find that out. Here’s today’s excerpt featuring Captain Conrad Morgan:

Conrad sighed at the fear coming off Jeremy before introducing himself. “I am Conrad Morgan, the Captain of this vessel.”

Jeremy stood again and extended his hand in greeting. “Jeremy Parker, sir. It is nice to meet you.”

Conrad took his hand and lightly shoved him back into the chair, taking note of the dark circles under Jeremy’s eyes as well as the strain of keeping unshed tears at bay. The boy was grieving, exhausted and frightened. Conrad recognized that he was going to have to be gentle with this boy, but not too gentle. “Well, at least you have manners. That will be one less thing I have to teach you,” he said as he took the chair opposite Jeremy. “I hear you lost your family, son”

“Yes, sir.” Jeremy nodded slightly, trying to hide his fear.

“Conrad or Captain will do, son. While in my cabin, there is no need for formality.”

Jeremy nodded in response to Conrad’s request.

“Did Raven tell you what to expect?”

Jeremy answered nervously. “He said you would tell me what I should expect and I would stay close to you for a week.”

Conrad gave him a half smile. “Always leaves me the hard part, he does.” Conrad leaned back in his chair and studied Jeremy for a moment. “You will share my cabin until I feel you are ready to be on your own. I know it seems a little odd, but I require all my new, young crew members to do the same. You are no exception. It is mostly for your protection and to acclimate yourself to the Deliverance and to my way of doing things. In a couple of weeks, I will hand you over to Raven’s care, but regardless whose care you are under, you will follow my orders and Raven’s.” Conrad looked meaningfully at Jeremy to emphasize his point. “If you have questions or a problem, you come to me or Raven. Don’t ask someone else. Other crew members may try to take advantage of you, and neither Raven nor I want that; consequently, if you are unsure of an order someone gives you or a way someone is treating you, you come to me or Raven. Understand?”

Jeremy nodded.

Conrad sighed at Jeremy’s fear and rubbed the back of his neck. “Son, don’t be frightened of me. I am here to help you, not hurt you. You have been through a lot the past few weeks, hell, your whole life according to Brandon. Jeremy, all we require of you is respect, obedience, and doing your part as a member of this crew. When you are ready, Raven will teach you everything you need to know about running this ship, and he will find duties that suit you. He will also teach you how to defend yourself and others. Raven will deal with any disobedience on your part. Don’t worry, we don’t believe in using whips on young boys like yourself. Raven feels they are inhumane, and I tend to agree with him, but Raven has his own unique style of discipline as I am sure you will soon learn,” Conrad explained, watching Jeremy’s reaction.

Jeremy smiled. His own brother had disciplined him at times, which consisted of simple chores or spending time in his room. He could handle Raven, he was sure.

“Don’t look so smug, pup. Raven’s discipline is something you will never forget, so take it seriously.” Conrad warned and Jeremy lost his smile and regained his fear. Annoyed with himself for causing Jeremy’s returning fear, Conrad tried a different tactic. “There is no need to fear us, son. We are only a group of people who help one another, but with rules. Think of us as a large family.”

If you enjoyed this excerpt and wish to learn more, head on over to amazon and get your copy of my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. It’s available in kindle and in paperback. The kindle link is below. On Monday, I will post my next featured character. Until then, have a great weekend and keep on reading!


Wednesday’s Featured Author

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It’s rounding up to be another busy week in our household. Always something going on. My husband ended up with a nasty burn from the tea kettle’s steam yesterday so that had its share a drama and tonight he has a meeting to attend. My stepson has his Sea Cadet’s meeting this evening as well, and he is still under house arrest from his grounding last week. He is into his second week and has one more to go. Oh, the sad life of a teenager who breaks the rules. I’m busy with appointments, the day to day house/family stuff, trying to sell my novel and getting the second one written, along with doing things for my Dad.

For years my mother made ceramics and last year she had me find a fox (it’s very large) for her to paint and then have on her front porch; unfortunately, she never had the chance to finish it before she passed. So, I agreed to paint the fox for my Dad. I finished it yesterday and will be able to take it to him when we visit in October. The things we do for the people we love. Somehow with my busy schedule and our busy family lives, I still find time to read. I make it a priority. It is my belief that reading makes me a better writer. Ah, yes, I made my way to today’s topic: the featured author. And Wednesday’s author is . . .

Wednesday’s Featured Author: Jake Bible

Jake Bible writes sci fi, military, adventure, monster books and has several series out. I have only read the Mega series so far, but his other series sound good too and I will most likely try them out in the future. As far as the Mega series goes, there is very little romance in it, so yes, this is a departure for me. As I have said in the past, I don’t always read romance. I do like variety and I do get bored with the same genre all the time.

A couple of years ago, I went looking for something fun and adventurous to read, something with sea monsters. Yes, I’m a monster junkie. I love Jaws, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Lake Placid (the giant alligator), Anaconda, Snakes on a Plane, and Arachnophobia (the list can go on and on) type movies. I grew up watching those old black and white monster movies on Saturday afternoons when it was raining or too cold to go out. I love them, and yes, I have read the novel forms of some of these movies. As I was saying, a couple of years ago I went on an Amazon kindle book hunt and found Jake Bible’s Mega series. I’m hooked on this series.

The Mega series stars a group of ex Navy SEALS and other ex military men and women who were hired by the mysterious man, Ballantine, to go on special missions on his ship Beowulf with the help of Ballantine’s team of scientists and techs he calls elves. Ballantine calls his team of elite soldiers Grendel.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Beowulf is an epic poem from around the 700 – 900s. There is no exact date here as the scholars don’t really know it. Most likely, it started as an oral story told around the fire and then eventual was written down. The original written version is in old English and has been translated numerous times over the centuries. How do you know this, you ask? I know this because while I was working on my Master’s degree I had to take an entire class dedicated to this story, translating the original old English text into modern English. So, I know this story well. Anyway, I digress. In a nutshell, Beowulf is the hero of the story and wins the battles. Grendel is Beowulf’s nemesis, but in the end Beowulf does defeat Grendel. However, he had to face the wrath of Grendel’s mother, but that’s another part of the story.

I found it very interesting that the character Ballantine names his ship Beowulf and his team Grendel. Hmm, does he believe his own team to be his opponent . . . I’ll leave that for you to discover on your own.

So far, there are five books in this series, Mega, Baja Blood, When Giants Collide, Behemoth Island, and Murder Island. I am currently reading the fifth book, Murder Island. This is a fun series to read; however, there are a few discrepancies and errors here and there. And yes, enough for me to mention it, but considering how much Jake Bible produces, these errors are expected. The more a writer produces, the more errors there will be. Most of us can overlook these errors and enjoy the story anyway. At least, I do and I believe that the errors in this series are minor enough that they don’t really upset the story. My favorite of this series is the first one, Mega. It sets the series up and introduces the characters Kinsey, Darren, Shane, Max, Commander Thorne, Ballantine and others. There is some good humor in this series, particularly between Shane and Max who are the comic relief. Many times, the humor is tongue in cheek and can be a bit of a parody of monster stories. My second favorite would be Behemoth Island, mostly because of the humor; however, I have yet to finish the fifth book so this is still up in the air.

There is lots of adventure, new technology, secrets, fighting, oh, and sharks, prehistoric, genetically modified, giant sharks, and other monsters in this series. It’s fun and there’s humor and it’s easy to read. So, if you are looking for something besides romance and want adventure with scary monsters and kick a** fight scenes, this is a read for you. Go check it out.

However, if you aren’t interested in monsters and want a good romance, go pick up a copy of my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. The link is below. Yes, I have to peddle my book. I need to sell more copies!

Don’t forget on Friday, I will be posting another excerpt from my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. So, come on back for a visit. Until then, have a great week and keep on reading!


Monday’s Featured Character

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are enjoying his/her Monday!
Today is feature character day, so let’s get right to it.

Featured Character from Signs of Love and Deliverance: Captain Conrad Morgan

Oh, I do like me some Captain Morgan, in particular Captain Conrad Morgan, not the drink. I did not intentionally name my character after the popular rum or after the 17th century privateer, Sir Henry Morgan. Captain Conrad Morgan’s character and name was created when I was in my early 20s. I wasn’t sure what story Conrad would end up in, and it wasn’t until later that I discovered there was not only a real Captain Morgan, but a rum named after him. It did not deter me from using my Captain Morgan in my story. I love this character and I love the name, so I kept him.

Conrad Morgan is the Captain of the ship The Deliverance, and he is one of the founders and heads of the Deliverance Society. Conrad is very protective of those he loves and cares for and deadly to those who make him an enemy. He is commanding and overbearing and demands respect with his mere presence. He is handsome, blond with gray eyes, strong, very capable, and runs his ship and the society with precision and a firm hand. He expects obedience from all who are under his care and he will administer punishment when needed. It is not wise for a person disobey Conrad Morgan.

Conrad doesn’t appear often in Signs of Love and Deliverance as this isn’t his story, but he is present enough that it is obvious he is in charge of those involved with the Deliverance Society and those he considers his family.

Here is a little snippet from Signs of Love and Deliverance to give a taste of Captain Conrad Morgan.

Jeremy jumped when he heard the door close more than an hour later. Closing the book he had been trying to read with little success, he watched a tall, burly man with thick muscles, blond hair, and steely gray eyes enter the room. Jeremy felt a jolt of fear run through him as the captain silently watched him. He was big, intimidating, and commanding. The man’s mere presence demanded respect and attention.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s featured character and feel inspired to learn more about Conrad by reading my novel Signs of Love and Deliverance. The link is below for the kindle version.

Come by on Wednesday and find out what I have been reading this week when I post my featured author. Here’s a hint: it’s not romance, but it is sci fi with some big old monsters and a team of ex military mercenaries. Good times! Swing on by on Friday and read the next excerpt from my book. This one will include a bit more of Captain Conrad Morgan.

Have a great rest of your Monday and keep on reading!


Friday’s Excerpt!

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but this has been a very long week! I’m not a big fan of the back to school week which is what that was for us. My teenage son is back in school, back to Sea Cadets and has started his first job and the drama . . . oh, the drama. According to him, his Dad and I won’t help him at all, he is too old to have to follow our rules anymore, and he is the only person to ever work so hard and have NO free time to have fun. He’s missing everything! And . . . and . . . As you can tell, I’m not that sympathetic to his cause. He put himself into his situation, and now, he has to face the consequences of his decisions. Ah, the life of a teenager on the cusp of adulthood.

Needless to say, this family is looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully, it will be a little less drama filled. I will be making up a big batch of my marinara sauce for freezing, along with some goodies for the freezer that I will be taking to my Dad for our visit in October. It is coming up fast! It is hard to believe how quickly the summer has gone, and that my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance, has been out for two months. I better get busy and try and sell it. I feel like I’m fumbling around trying to get this book sold. I truly have no idea what I’m doing. This marketing thing is a huge learning curve for me.

Speaking of my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance, I promised an excerpt for today! Since I didn’t have a featured character this week, I thought I would repost an excerpt from several weeks ago. This excerpt features the heroine and hero of the novel, two of my favorite characters. Oh, let’s face it, all my characters are my favorites. In this scene, Damon and Madeline are introduced again prior to their heading off to the Malany’s Ball. The attraction is mutual and is the beginning of their sweet romance.

Madeline smiled at Damon, hiding her irritation that Brandon felt she needed a guard. “Good evening, Captain Spencer. I do believe we have met a few years ago,” she greeted, offering her gloved hand. Although Damon was quite handsome, she couldn’t help but stare at his eyes. They were the color of amber and very intense, as if he could see right through her to her darkest secrets. His American accent had a soft drawl to it that gave his baritone voice a smooth quality that was pleasure to the senses. His hair was dark brown and clubbed at the back of his neck. She was tempted to put her hands through it to see if it felt as rich as it looked. She felt a flutter in her stomach and she had to take a deep breath to steady herself.

“Yes, I believe we have, Lady Madeline. It will be my pleasure to escort you this evening,” he replied, lifting her outstretched hand to his lips for a brief kiss. The last time he had met her, she had only begun blossoming into her own. She had turned into a lovely woman, he noted. “And please, call me Damon. No need for formalities.

“Damon, honestly, you don’t have to escort me this evening. I am sure Nicholas will be able to manage,” she suggested, pulling her hand out of his light grasp. She didn’t want this man watching her all night. Damon made her feel self-conscious and uncertain of herself, a very new experience for her. To her consternation, the man left her flustered and unsettled. Not to mention that Damon’s presence might ruin her plans of approaching one of the Farringtons, and that wouldn’t do at all.

“I am sure he could manage. Nevertheless, I will be attending,” Damon stated, ending any further argument she may have had.

I hope you enjoyed that little taste of Damon and Madeline’s budding romance. Damon is commanding and oh so yummy, and Madeline is feisty, sweet, and spirited. I can’t help but love these two characters. If this excerpt caught your interest, head on over to Amazon and pick up your copy of Signs of Love and Deliverance. If you aren’t ready to commit, you can always download a sample of the novel which includes the first two chapters and into chapter three. The link for the kindle version is below. The paperback version is also available if you rather, but at the moment that is on a separate amazon link. However, you can put the name of the novel on the amazon’s search box and it should come up. If you want, you can follow me on facebook (link below) to stay up-to-date with all my posts.

That’s it from me for today. Swing by on Monday to see which character I’m going to feature next. Here’s a hint: It’s one of my favorites! Until then have a great weekend and keep on reading!


Wednesday’s Featured Author

Good Afternoon my fellow readers!

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable first week of September. September is my favorite time of the year, not just because it is my birthday, but because it is the month that Autumn begins and the lovely cool weather starts drifting in and the trees begin to turn their beautiful colors of red, orange and yellow. Not to mention, it is the best time of the year for bonfires, good conversations with friends, Fall Equinox celebrations, fall festivals, hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin and pecan pies, hot chocolate, and reading that favorite romance novel while cuddled up on a favorite chair/sofa with your dog (if you have a dog, I have two).

Now, I know some people don’t like romance novels and that’s ok with me. I actually like all sorts of genres from romance, sci fi, fantasy, mystery to classics. I have my favorite books and my favorite authors, but mostly I really like romance. Why? Because romance has it all. If I’m in the mood for sci fi, there’s a romance novel for that. If I want fantasy, there’s a romance for that too, or western, or paranormal, or erotica, or mystery, or suspense, or historical; you name it, it’s in romance. In fact, in most all genres, the romance, the sex, the love affairs, the relationships, all sneaks in there. It’s the human condition. We all want love and we like to read about it.

In romance novels, there’s something for everyone, from the sweet and innocent to the down and dirty, but don’t forget to heed that author’s note. If the author says, it’s not recommended for those under 18, he/she means it. If the author says, this novel contains adult themes and explicit sex, he/she means it. Nothing gets me more aggravated than when an author gets a negative review because he/she has too much violence, vulgar language, or sex and that author warned readers of this. I mean really, if you don’t like to read that type of content, then take the author’s warning seriously and don’t read the book. There are plenty of romance novels out there that are clean, sweet and very suitable for teens, young adults, and those who want innocent. The author doesn’t want you to read something you don’t like. It makes him/her feel bad that you spent your money on something you didn’t enjoy reading. As an author, I don’t want that. Most authors are fairly good at writing their story’s description and letting readers know what to expect. So, if you don’t like historical romance with sex scenes, a bit of violence and the occasional bad word (like my book), don’t read it. Don’t waste your time or your money and don’t slam the writer for writing something you knew you weren’t going to like. Find something you do like. There is so much to choose from in this genre and from other genres.

My rant is done, onto Wednesday’s Featured Author: Renee Rose

Renee Rose writes mostly dark, erotic romance. She is on the kinky side, so beware of that. Yes, now you know why I wrote what I wrote above. This is my warning: Renee Rose’s stories are dark, they are kinky, they are violent, and there is strong language. So, before you run out and get one of the stories I’m going to mention, you are for warned ahead of time. And don’t blame me that you didn’t like it because of said violence and kinky sex, I warned you!

I came across Renee Rose when I was looking for more sci fi romance to read. I have been on a sci fi reading jag this year and I will feature some other sci fi romance writers in the near future and I have in previous blogs. The series of Renee Rose’s that caught my interest is the Zandian Masters Series. I believe she began this series in 2016 and the first book in the series is His Human Slave. The series is about aliens whose planet had been attacked and stolen from the Zandian people. Those who were able to escape were mostly males and they are planning to retake their planet. In the first novel, the prince, Zander, buys Lamira, a human slave (Earth has also been conquered and humans enslaved) for a mate. One thing leads to another and they fall in love. The next story in the series is about Lamira’s mother, the next, her sister and then the following ones are about other characters and the storyline moves along. There is a lot of discipline and spanking in this series of novels. There are plenty of alpha males with submissive, but daring and defiant, females. Despite that the story line and the characters are a bit thin and predictable, I like the series, but then I like erotica and dark themes. These books are relatively short and easy reads with a happy ever after at the end. And although I wasn’t as fond of the last two books in the series, His Human Vessel and Her Mate and Master, I’ll read the next one. Just remember, this series is heavy on the sex and violence. So, if you don’t like that sort of thing, I suggest reading something I have featured in the past.

Renee Rose also writes many other series and short stories, and yes, I have read some of them. I have recently read the Alpha Dom’s series which is about werewolves finding their mates. This past spring, I read another series she and several other writes participated in writing, the Pra’kir Series. This is another sci fi series and Renee Rose wrote the novel Her Alien Masters in this series. This series was interesting and worth reading as I did enjoy it. Renee Rose has also participated in several anthologies. Her most current is Royally Mine. Her newest release is from the Bad Boy’s Alpha series, Alpha’s Danger. I have not read this series as of yet, but I plan to eventually.

Personally, I do like Renee Rose’s stories. They are fast passed, short, and fun to read. They are usually uncomplicated plots with fun but simple characters, and great for reading at night after a long day. However, please keep in mind that her stories are on the dark and kinky side and are very explicit. Her writing is erotic dark romance. If you are not fond of this type of story, please do not read it. It will not be enjoyable for you. Try something a little tamer to read such as something by Ruby Dixon or Anna Hackett or Anna Carven, all good sci fi romance writers without quite the dark kink, but still with hot, sexy scenes in their stories.

Whew, this was a long blog today. I hope you enjoyed it and find Renee Rose as fun to read as I do. Please feel free to make author suggestions for me to read. I like all kinds of genres and as you must have figured out by now, I love to read. And you never know, you might find your favorite writer on Wednesday’s Featured Author blog.

On Friday, I will post another exciting excerpt from my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance in hopes to tantalize you into reading it. Hey, come on, I need more readers! Download a sample, you just might like it. In the meantime, enjoy your week and keep on reading!


Criticism and Friday’s Excerpt

Good Afternoon!

Here in Ontario it is a beautiful Friday afternoon for the first of September. Although, some rain is in the forecast, I am looking forward to the long weekend. This week has been a busy one.

I have had my first bad review this week and that was disappointing. The reader had difficulty even getting to the second chapter. Guess I’m going to have to read it with a more critical eye to figure out what was unappealing. I may never discover that, as the reader didn’t specify what the issue was. Luckily, the reader chose to tell me personally and didn’t put it on amazon, but as I have told other writers, there is value in all reviews, even the bad ones. If we don’t embrace these reviews, we won’t learn from them and grow as writers and people. Take the negative and turn it into a positive! It’s really the only way to take criticism; otherwise, it can end up tearing a person down and causing them to give up.

I love to write, so I won’t stop just because one person didn’t like what I wrote; besides, this reader isn’t the first person who didn’t like my writing. I have had the most critical of readers decimate my writing. I was an English major in University (yes, I have an English degree) and many professors tore apart my writing. I even had my peers criticize my writing, particularly in my creative writing class. My classmates were brutal and hated everything I wrote. I like dialogue and I like dark themes. My classmates didn’t get it. While they were writing about drama and nice things, I was writing about dark humor, tragedy and murder. I was wise enough to keep the sex out of it. I think that would have scared some people. Oh yeah, I did end up with an A in that class. Guess the professor didn’t think it was all THAT bad. My point in mentioning all this is not to let a little criticism stop you from following your dreams and doing what you love. Just because a few people don’t understand or like your craft, doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t. There will be those who will dislike you and there will be those who love you. Learn from the former and embrace the latter. It’s all good!

I promised an excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance today. On Monday, I featured the character Aaron Farrington, Marquess of Brumley. He is one very unpleasant Lord. Since I had featured him, I thought I would repost one of my earlier excerpt that included this character. The scene is when Madeline first meets Lord Brumley and oh what a meeting it is. It just gives one the shivers, and not the good kind. Enjoy!

Madeline sighed again, trying to ignore the odd sensation of being observed. She did not know how she was going to ever live through the second half of the exceedingly wearisome play. Madeline turned to where Stephen had been standing moments ago to ask him if he would trade chairs with her, but neither he nor Nicholas were in sight. As she scanned the room for her brothers, her eyes met an older man’s and he leered wickedly at her. A tremor of trepidation ran through her body, making her feel faint. The man was evil. She could feel it deep in her soul. Shocked and too terrified to move or call out, she watched the nondescript man with a sneer for a smile walk towards her. When he stopped in front of her, he took her limp hand and kissed her palm. “My dear, Lady Madeline. It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I am Aaron Farrington, Marquess of Brumley. I know your brother well.”

Stunned, Madeline stammered a greeting. “L . . . Lord B . . . Brumley.”

“I have heard of your and your friend’s trouble,” he began, indicating Joselyn, who was standing between Marshall and Henry, preoccupied with Lady Stanton who was regaling Joselyn with her endless ailments. “Should you not be safe and sound at home, out of danger’s way?” Farrington questioned with a smirk and gave her hand a squeeze before dropping it.

Recovered from her initial shock and feeling safe in such a crowded room, Madeline ignored his question and bravely accused him. “You have been sending some cruel notes to Lady Joselyn, Lord Brumley, and I do believe it is in poor taste.”

“I have sent no notes, Lady Madeline,” Farrington denied. “If I have something to say, threat or otherwise, I say it in person. By the by, where is Lord Kenrik? I would have thought your brother would be overseeing such a family outing.”

“My family is none of your concern, Lord Brumley,” Madeline told him haughtily.

“Ah, but it is, my dear. Anything the Cathcarts do is of interest to me.” He raised his hand and brushed a stray hair off Madeline’s brow, trailing a finger down the side of her face. When she didn’t flinch at his touch, he smirked, “You should take more care, my dear. Talking with strangers could be the death of you.”

Madeline watched in paralyzed silence as Farrington walked away. She quickly leaned against the nearby wall before she fell. Her knees felt weak and she could not seem to be able to breathe. She was sure that horrid man had threatened her life and she was not quite sure how to respond.

I hope you like this excerpt! Aaron Farrington is one creepy Lord. If you are interested in reading more, Signs of Love and Deliverance is on Amazon for downloading onto your kindle or other reader device and you can also pick up a paper copy on The link is below.

I will not be posting on Monday but I will be posting a featured author on Wednesday. Until then, enjoy your long weekend and keep on reading!



Wednesday’s Featured Author

Good Evening my fellow readers, writers and friends!

Today has slipped away from me and I am writing this much later than intended, but that is how things happen.  So, without further ado, I give you today’s featured Author.

Calista Skye

Calista Skye has written several books and I believe most of them are sci fi romance which is right up my solar system.  I do like a good sci fi story, and when a little romance is thrown in, I’m one happy reader. I haven’t read all of her books but I have started two of her series.  In time, I’m sure I will get to them all.

The first book I read of Calista Skye’s was Given to the Alien.  This novel features a romance between Olivia Cooper, a space marine and alien General Ator’aq, a Braxian Warrior. Earth’s Space Force is battling against the Ethereal aliens and must seek the Braxians’ assistance. Through battles, lies and adventure, Olivia and the General end up in love.  This is a great read and I enjoyed this novel.  I look forward to reading the next book in this series:  Alien Invader’s Baby.

The other series that I have been reading is the Fire Planet Warriors. This is a fun, light-hearted series with a great deal of adventure.  The first book in the series is Fire Warrior’s Captive. The romance is between Harper and Vrax’ton.  Harper and her other female crew members are observing a planet that has a continuous fire which travels its globe. An alien abducts Harper, but once she is able to escape, she crashes on the Fire Planet where she must out run the perpetual fire that ravages the planet. As she races away from the fire, she meets up with Vrax’ton, an alien barbarian warrior, who believes Harper is his fated mate and their journey of romance and adventure begins.  I loved this book, really, I did.  It was so much fun and there were parts I laughed. Sometimes, we just need something like this to read.

The second book in the Fire Planet Warriors series is Fire Planet Warrior’s Passion. This is Lily and Ravex’ton’s story and it takes place on the planet Acerex.  Lily is sent as Earth’s Ambassador to the tribes to get them to accept technology.  When she is sent to the remote Ytter tribe in the coldest and most dangerous part of the world, she is faced with many challenges from the people as well as the elements.  Ravex’ton saves her from danger and their adventures begins, as does their passion for each other.  Like the first book in this series, this one was fun with a lot of action.  It was fast-paced and it kept you reading.

The third book in this series is the Fire Planet Warrior’s Baby.  This book is Charlotte and Cori’ax’s story. I have yet to read this one, but it is next on my reading list.

Most of Calista Skye’s books are available for kindle unlimited, but if you are not in that program, the majority of her kindle books are available under $5.

So if you have a little time this weekend and are looking for some fun and light hearted romance to read, go check out Calista Skye’s books.

And if you haven’t already, feel free to download a copy of my book and give it a read and let me know what you think. Link is below.

Until Friday, when I tease you with my next excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance, keep on reading!