Wednesday’s Featured Author

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I seem to be playing catch up today and a step behind with all sorts of things not going quite right, such is the way sometimes. So, let’s get right to it. Today is featured author day and I am continuing with my sci fi monster thriller binge. Over the past few days I have been reading two authors so I will feature them both.

First Featured Author: Victor Zarkov

Over the weekend, I read the first novel in Zarkov’s Jurassic Series, Jurassic Island. Last night, I completed reading the second book in this series, Jurassic Sea. The main character in this series is Colt McKinnon, a former adventure T.V. star who investigated paranormal, unusual, and mythical creatures. In the first novel, Colt is hired by Joseph Thornton, a wealthy and eccentric man, to join a team of scientists, photographers, and explorers to investigate Spectre Island which is shrouded in mystery and myth. This group embarks on a journey that involves many encounters with monsters, running, screaming and dying. You will need to read this fast-passed adventure to discover what this Island is all about and who survives. In the next novel, Jurassic Sea, Colt is hired by Nyoko Hisakawa, Joseph Thornton’s nemesis, to investigate the Bermuda Triangle, where she believes a dimensional rift occurs where people disappear for days and possibly forever. It doesn’t move on as quickly as the first and there isn’t as much screaming, running and dying as the first, but still an entertaining read.

Second Featured Author: John J. Rust

I finished up reading John J. Rust’s novel, Sea Raptor, the other night. I have to say that I loved this novel. The setting is in a place that is near and dear to my heart. I grew up going to various beaches all along New Jersey’s seaside cities and towns so I know the setting well.

Oh no! The Point Pleasant Monster is loose on the Jersey Shore! There was lots of action with a sea monster and a former Army Ranger as the hero, and oh, a nice little romance thrown in to make the romance fiction lover in me happy with this story. The ex Army Ranger, Captain Jack Raston is asked to leave his boring security guard job at a Philadelphia zoo where his Dad is the Director to join the Foundation for Undocumented Biological Investigation. Jack joins a team of scientists and a cute female photographer in search of the Point Pleasant Monster to capture the creature with Jack on security detail. This story if full of adventure with ex Rangers, cantankerous scientists, the Coast Guard, and a large, scary, people-chomping monster. This story even included some really evil bad guys who get in the way of the team doing their job. This is a really fun, fast passed book and I couldn’t put it down. I was disappointed when it was over and wanted more. This story isn’t part of a series, but Mr. Rust left the door open for a possible sequel that may include more of his great team of characters.

If you love a good sci fi monster thriller novel, go check out these two authors. They are great reads! If monsters aren’t your cup of tea and would rather stick with romance, go check out some of my previous featured author posts, or better yet, go pick up a copy of my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. The link is below.

Don’t forget to stop by on Friday for a big announcement I have and to read up on the next Signs of Love and Deliverance excerpt. Until then, have a great week and keep on reading!


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