One Year Anniversary!

Hi Everyone,

This has been a very hot and busy July!  I wish to apologize for being late in getting out this month’s newsletter. Life has been very busy with family, a sick dog and writing, and I haven’t had the time. I am diligently working on the next Deliverance novel and I am pleased it is coming along nicely. The stepson has graduated high school and is a Sea Cadet Instructor at Sea Cadet camp in Kingston, ON and my husband is on vacation for the next couple of weeks.

What is so amazing and unbelievable is that Signs of Love and Deliverance has reached its one year anniversary. I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone with all its many highs and lows.

To celebrate this monumental occasion Signs of Love and Deliverance is FREE today and tomorrow, July 21 and 22, and Free next weekend, July 28 and 29.

63141959_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7130612

Make sure you grab your copy of this Historical Regency Romance filled with sexy, alpha males and smart, feisty females. This is the sizzling romance between Captain Damon Spencer and Lady Madeline Cathcart with a few romances on the side featuring Brandon Cathcart, Cassandra Bradford, Nicholas Cathcart, and Joselyn Parker. There are diabolical villains, a murderer on the loose and lots of mystery and mayhem. Oh and did I mention the romance? Yeah, there is romance!

Signs Teaser3f

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your copy of Signs of Love and Deliverance for the sequel comes out. I am working on it!

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I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer and enjoying the season.

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Raven’s Rule Free for the Weekend

Happy Father’s Day!

This weekend Raven’s Rule will be FREE on Amazon kindle!

RR teaser2

Raven’s Rule is FREE for two days only this Saturday and Sunday for Father’s Day.

Raven’s Rule is a Deliverance Society Short Story which features Raven, one of the Deliverance Society Captains.  This little story is on the steamy side. Raven finds himself doing a favor for a friend. And what a favor it is!

Grab your copy on Amazon starting 12:00am pacific time.

Have a safe and happy Father’s Day!

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June Newsletter

Hi Fellow Readers!

It is June already. May seemed to fly by and June looks like it is going to follow suit with a full schedule.

June is setting up to be very busy with appointments and end-of-the-school-year events along with my step-son’s graduation. I can’t believe he will be finished high school in just a few short weeks. My courageous step-son decided to join the Royal Canadian Navy instead of heading off to college as was his original plan. He has been in the Sea Cadets since he was 13; so, I suppose this comes as no surprise. This summer he will be attending his last Sea Cadet Camp as an instructor; at least, until he is called up for Basic Training. Yes, a very exciting time for my step-son. His father is very proud but nervous as well.

My husband and I recently returned from a visit to my Dad in Pennsylvania. It was a short visit, but a good one where we celebrated his birthday and went through a few more of my mother’s things. She passed away last year, and bit by bit, the family is dividing and/or donating her belongings. It is all too much for my Dad to do on his own. Luckily, I have two outstanding sisters who live nearby to help him. I am so grateful for them and their dedication. Although I love living in Canada and my life here, being so far away from my relatives has its many drawbacks, some quite heartbreaking.

I find it amusing that some of my readers, a few who are relatives, try to figure out which of my characters are specific family members. Truth be told, none of my characters are modelled after anyone in particular. There might be a similar trait here and there that a family member or friend might identify with, but my characters are their own individuals. I spend a lot of time creating them and making them have their own quirks and hang ups. I try to make them realistic people with human flaws, but of course some of them do have superpowers or abilities. That’s what makes them fun, after all.

It is always a good thing when a reader can identify themselves with a character. It makes that story more interesting and special which is why I try to have a variety of character types. I love it when my readers can connect with a character. Feel free to tell me what your favorite characters are or what type of character traits you would like to see me incorporate into my stories by emailing me or posting on my facebook. I would love to hear from you.

I am working on the sequel to Signs of Love and Deliverance. It is slow going with all the activity happening in our busy lives, but I am still hopeful that it will be finished by the end of the year or at the latest the beginning of next year. I have a working title; however, I’m not quite ready to share that. What I can tell you is that it is Raven and Gretchen’s story and what a story it is. I am having a lot of fun writing this.

If you haven’t already, check out my short story Raven’s Rule which I recently released. It’s a little on the naughty side but a fun, short read. You will learn more about Raven, one of my favorite characters, and more about the White Lily and its Madame, Sandy Wilks. The young widow, Linnette, is in need of some discipline, and in Sandy’s opinion, Raven is the perfect man for the job. This story was so much fun to write that I have decided to write a series of short stories around the White Lily and Sandy Wilks. I wonder who will visit the White Lily next.Raven's rule (A)[1422]cover

Raven’s Rule is a Deliverance Society Short Story

Available on Amazon for .99 cents on Kindle and
Free with Kindle Unlimited.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Signs of Love and Deliverance, give it a try. It is a bit different than the usual Regency Romance. It has the feel of a soap opera like saga with lots of alpha males and feisty females. It has a great murder mystery going on and dangerous adventure.

63141959_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7130612Signs of Love and Deliverance is a Deliverance Society Novel

Available on Amazon in Print, Kindle and Free on KU.

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Tracy Kay


Raven’s Rule Is Live!

Hi Everyone!

My first Deliverance Society Short Story is now available!  Raven’s Rule is available on Kindle for .99 cents and free with Kindle Unlimited.

Raven's rule (A)[1422]cover

I just love this little peek into Raven’s life and I’m so thrilled to be sharing it with you. However, be forewarned this short story is a bit more steamy and on the kinky side than Signs of Love and Deliverance. So if that sort of material bothers you, just pass on it.  Raven’s Rule is a compliment to Signs but it is not necessary to read it for the series.

I hadn’t intended on writing short stories for the Deliverance Society series, but with so many people eagerly awaiting Signs’ sequel, I decided to see what I could whip up. Raven’s Rule is the result. Yes, it took time away from the sequel, but I was hitting road blocks with it anyway. Sometimes stories stall so we can come back at them later with a better frame of mind and more enthusiasm. No worries, I’m still working on the sequel and hoping it will be out by the end of the year or next year at the latest.  In the meantime, enjoy Raven’s Rule, the first of many short stories.

In the days to come, I will be posting teasers here and on facebook to entice you to read Raven’s Rule.  Be sure to check them out!   If you haven’t already, like my facebook page.

I do on occasion make a posting other than book related stuff.

I am attempting to get a mailing list started. My, is that complicated. Hopefully, I can get that going soon.  I will also attempt to get myself on twitter and Instagram. This social media stuff is truly a challenge for me, but I’m trying. I guess that is all that counts.

The warmer weather finally seems to be coming our way and isn’t it a perfect time to pick up that kindle and do a bit of reading. While you are snagging your copy of Raven’s Rule or Signs of Love and Deliverance,

check out what I have been reading.  I am totally hooked on Anna Hackett’s Hell Squad and Galactic Gladiators series. She has a couple of freebies on her website if you want to check her out.

Anna Carver, another of my favorites, has a new one out Taming Chaos which is a spinoff of her Dark Planet Warrior’s series. I can’t wait to read it.  If you haven’t read any of the Dark Planet Warrior’s series, the first book is free on Amazon. Check out her website:

And another of my favorites who has a new book out is Cynthia Sax. Taking Vengeance is the newest novel in her Cyborg Sizzle series. I finished reading this one a few days ago. It is a great read!  Releasing Rage is the first book in this series and is free on Amazon. Go check it out!  Here’s Cynthia’s website:

As you can tell, I love sci fi, and add a bit of romance to it, I’m one happy reader. Oh and yes, I do have a sci fi story or two rolling around in my brain waiting for me to write it down in my own stories. So, don’t be surprised if I take a break from the Deliverance Society to delve into the future and out into space, to another world.  Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. What fun!

All right that’s it for me today. I hope you pick up a copy of Raven’s Rule!  And don’t forget to leave a word or two in the reviews. Those reviews really help readers to choose a book and they help us writers to sell them.  Until next time, keep on reading!




Raven’s Rule Cover

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited. Raven’s Rule’s cover is all ready to go.  It’s so beautiful!  The short story is all finished and I’m getting it formatted and ready to publish soon!  It’s almost here!

Here’s the fabulous cover a friend helped me design. She’s awesome but wanted to stay anonymous. However, all the real credit goes to her for this design.

Here’s Raven’s Rule Cover!

Raven's rule (A)[1422]cover

Raven’s Rule is a little short story that is a compliment to Signs of Love and Deliverance and to tide everyone over until I get that sequel finished. It’s still in the works.  Raven’s Rule is a little bit of erotica and a departure from my usual romance but I think it is fun. Also, it gives us an incite and a taste of one of my favorite characters, Raven.  I hope everyone will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  As soon as Raven’s Rule is up for sale, I’ll be sure to share it with you!  Until then, keep on reading!


Just A Bad Memory

Hi All,

I hope everyone has enjoyed their January and are getting ready for February. Here in Ontario, Canada it is a typical winter day, and I am here pondering the events that occurred a couple of months ago.

I am really new at marketing and the author social media thing. Yes, I have used facebook to connect with my family and friends, but this account has around 70 people on it and I have actually met ninety percent of them in person. Since publishing my novel, I have accrued over 1000 facebook friends on my author account which I’m still amazed over. Connecting with other authors, responding to posts about posting my own book and pages, taking part in groups, posting ads, book launches and takeovers are so new to me. So, I am fumbling around, learning as I go.

I have been promising to relay what happened with my novel. How a group of women attempted to steal it right out from under me. I have to admit that I have been putting this off because I truly don’t want to dwell on it. I want to put it behind me as just a little blip in my journey as an author. I decided to do just that. I believe that is for the best. No, I don’t want it to happen to other authors. So, I will give a brief accounting without mentioning any names for legal reasons.

Last November, I had seen a post about a takeover. At the time, I didn’t know what a takeover was. Being the inquisitive person I am, I made a post that asked: What is a takeover? The person who wrote the original post, answered my question and that should have been the end of it. But it wasn’t. Another person, an author, responded by offering her help. Instead of saying thank you and passing on the help, I responded with yes, I’ll take her offer. I guess I was feeling a bit lost in the quagmire of marketing and wanted a guide. Anyway, she messaged with the offer of help. No, not a simple invite to a takeover. She offered more than that.

This woman introduced me to her friend who is a cover designer, author and owner of a publishing company. Over a two week period, these two women helped me make teasers, claimed my writing had many errors, breaking down my self-esteem, but promising to help me make my book more marketable with a new cover and editing. They would do all this for a very small fee. I was invited to takeovers and they created a new cover and teasers with very little input from me. Every suggestion I made was diminished in some way or ignored.

I didn’t listen to the warning bells going off. I ignored them. I really wanted my book to make it and they made promises that seemed real. They weren’t outlandish. I observed a takeover, I sent them quotes for teasers, they said there were errors without telling me what they were. I began re-editing my novel and found errors, but not in the quotes I sent. There are always going to be errors and I began fussing with my word choice, second guessing myself.

They offered to edit my novel for an additional small fee. I agreed. I sent them my slightly altered manuscript. The following day, I was accused of plagiarism.
They claimed that I had copied my novel from a famous author. I confronted them, asked them to prove it. They couldn’t of course. I downloaded the book I was supposed to have copied “word for word” and began reading. At this point I knew what they were about.
One of them demanded I take my book off Amazon, immediately.

I said no. I would have to look into this further.

Needless to say, things became worse after that with more accusations and my asking for proof. I reminded them that I have a copyright on my novel and they were not permitted to use my novel. After another accusation, I ended the conversation.

I called Createspace. These people had my manuscript. No way was I going to let them try and publish it as their own. I made a report to Createspace. They can’t do anything but told me to contact Amazon.

I sent an email to Amazon telling them the situation.

I began reading the book I was accused of plagiarizing in earnest. Yeah, it was nothing like mine. Not even remotely close.

I spent the entire night reading this novel and then in the morning, I called Createspace again and made another report with a different person. This person actually said she was giving it to their legal department and making a note in my file. It was the best she could do.

I looked up lawyers and sent an email to one.

I sent an email to these women. I told them that I had contacted Createspace and Amazon and informed them of what they were doing. I also reminded them of my copyright and that I was contacting a lawyer.

They sent me an email in return. They claimed since we didn’t have a contract they wouldn’t report me but they attached cease and desist letters about using their graphics and screen shots showing they had deleted my manuscript. It is possible that they deleted my manuscript but I wasn’t trusting them at that point. I may be gullible, but I’m not stupid. Their “threatening” email didn’t impress me and only made me find a lawyer in earnest.

Amazon responded with an email telling me that unless there is a report of plagiarism, there wasn’t anything they can do. Contact a lawyer.

I found a lawyer who specialized in copyright law. She was all too happy to help me. She said until they actually resell and remarket the novel, there isn’t anything we can do. She advised that I keep an eye on them, but she didn’t think at this point they will do anything. I had scared them. From what I explained to her and their email which I had forwarded to her, she said they didn’t seem to know what they were doing, probably didn’t even have a business license. She advised me to keep an eye on them from time to time. I do.

The lawyer helped me compose an email informing them that I had contacted a lawyer and they were not to use my work in any form or part and remind them of my copyright with the copyright number attached. Lots of legalese in that email. It cost me $350. She was a Toronto lawyer. They are expensive, but worth every penny I spent.

I have not heard back from them.

This was quite the experience and I am embarrassed that I fell for their scam, but did I ever learn a lot. I learned to look out for the scammers. To be very careful with people offering me free help with nothing in return. Let’s face it, we don’t know the people who become our facebook friends, but for some reason, we blindly trust their integrity, that they are authentic. This is not always the case.

The one thing these people did do for me was to teach me about teasers, where to look for stock photos, about takeovers, and helped me get an author page. They may not know it, but this information is of value and they taught me a valuable lesson. This new endeavour into authorship is a slow climb up a mountain, not a fast ride. The first book is rarely ever a best seller, not without a big publishing house. Sometimes it takes several books over a long period of time to build a readership. Learning something new, like a new job in a new field, you have to start at the beginning, the bottom, and work your way up.

Despite all the negativity and duplicity these people sent my way, I stay positive and hopeful. I have learned so much about the author world and myself. I learned I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and fight with whatever tools I have available. I didn’t let them bully me into taking down my novel and I wasn’t afraid to contact a lawyer when I needed advice. I knew in my heart I hadn’t done anything wrong. They tried to make me a victim and I fought back because I was in the right.

I hope my story helps my fellow new authors in some way and explains what happened to me. My advice is to listen to your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Ask around, talk to other authors, check out the publisher. And remember, nothing worthwhile comes easy. It takes old fashioned, hard work to be successful. I know I won’t forget that again!

Along the way, I have met some truly wonderful people. Most of them trying to be authors just like me. Some are farther along than me and some are getting started. I am thankful for them for they are making this journey worthwhile.

I do have to give a shout out to Hanliegh Bradley with Author Friends With Benefits (AFWB). She was extremely supportive during this mess and gave me some really good advice. If you are starting out, the people at AFWB are willing to help. Their fees are reasonable and worth it. They have a lot of tools and services. Check out their website.

I have to thank Claudia Vincetti, author of January Obsession. She has become a great friend. She listened and encouragement me after the fallout of this mess. She has been so supportive, and without her, I may have simply given up. She has taught me that not all people are out to use you. In fact, we help each other. I’m helping her to edit her next book and she is teaching me how to do graphics. She is awesome. Check out her most recent novel, January Obsession.

For now, I keep writing, I keep learning, and I keep reading. I will write a sequel to Signs of Love and Deliverance. I will make the corrections that need to be done to Signs. And I have a short story spin off of Signs coming soon. I think my readers will enjoy it. It is fun writing it. As I told my stepson the other day, writing makes my heart sing!

Keep on reading!


Signs of Love and Deliverance is FREE

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and are now getting back into the swing of things in the new year.  Our holidays were hectic with a visit to my family in Pennsylvania with lots of wintery weather. It was tricky driving to say the least. Before we knew it, we slid into the new year and my husband had to deal with some unexpected media attention as president of the local labour council (a volunteer position). To say it’s been crazy around here would be an understatement.

Signs of Love and Deliverance is FREE Saturday at 12:00 am pacific time!  This will be the last day it is available for Free on kindle! Make sure you get your copy!  However if you miss it, you can also get it free with kindle unlimited.


My good friend Claudia created this beautiful teaser for my novel. I hope you like it.

TRACY KAYdazzle[568]

In the weeks to come, I am planning on writing a few short stories, which are spin offs of Signs of Love and Deliverance.  I’m hoping to make these free or very cheap for my readers who are waiting not so patiently for the sequel to Signs.  I appreciate the positive respond to my novel, but please understand, these books do take time to write, and since I only do this on a part time basis, it takes longer.  But I will do my best to try and have the sequel out by the end of this year, but no promises. I truly did not expect the response I have received for Signs, and certainly didn’t expect people wanting the sequel.

Also, I want to work a bit more on this website and make it a little more appealing.  I’m not very good with this sort of thing, but I’ll see what I can do.

Another thing, I will be writing a blog entry that explains what occurred a month ago when a group of people attempted to scam me out of my novel. Although I won’t be able to give specific names of the people involved, I will give details of what occurred so that other authors can avoid similar scams.  Unfortunately, these people did get the manuscript to my novel and I have to continue to be diligent in making sure my novel doesn’t appear under some other author’s name and title. Since I really do not want this to happen to another person, I will share my story with as many authors/writers as I can.

Don’t forget to pick up your FREE kindle version of Signs of Love and Deliverance this Saturday, starting at 12:00 am Pacific time! It’s FREE!!

Have a beautiful weekend and keep on reading,