It’s Free!

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone has had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.  It will be a busy one for our family. We will be getting our house ready for our Winter Solstice Ceremony and baking for the holidays. So much to do!

Now for my big announcement!

Signs of Love and Deliverance is FREE all day tomorrow. That’s right, FREE on Saturday, December 16th!  Get it on Kindle at Amazon. Link is below.

In response to a group of people attempting to take my novel through duplicity, fear and intimidation, I am giving away my novel.  I’m giving it away every Saturday for the next 5 weeks.  That’s right. Every Saturday for five weeks.  I want to give my novel away to as many people as I can. Expect to see a post every Friday to remind you to get your e copy of Signs of Love and Deliverance!

I’m sure you are all wondering how someone could take my novel.  Well, there are people out in this world that like to scam others out of their work.  These particular people used kindness and helpfulness as their duplicity and then used fear and intimidation.  Yes, I fell for the kindness duplicity part.  I tend to take people at face value, and unfortunately, my inexperience in this industry led me into their scam; however, I’m not impressed by fear and intimidation. I’m too old and too experienced to fall for that part of things. Hopefully, these people will get no farther with their scam.  I will be explaining in more detail what occurred to me in a later blog after the new year.  I want to inform other new writers of what to look for when someone approaches them with a deal too good to be true. Although I would love to shout out these people’s names, I cannot due to libel reasons, but I can tell everyone what happened and how to avoid it from happening to another writer.

Remember, Signs of Love and Deliverance is FREE on Saturday and every Saturday for the next five weeks on Kindle at Amazon.  Tell everyone you know. Post it on your facebook page, your blog, your twitter, wherever you want.  It’s free and if I could make it free everyday, I would! It is mine to give.

Have a beautiful weekend and keep on reading,


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