Welcome and hello!  I am Tracy and I am happy to share with you my passion for writing and story telling. I love to write about romance with exciting twists and turns. I am currently working on my first series, The Deliverance Society. This series is an historical romance which has romance, mysteries, and mayhem galore. I am having fun writing this series. The second novel in the series is coming soon!

Maxine’s Wild Card is now available on Kindle and KU!


Maxine’s Wild Card is the second story in the Deliverance Society Short Story Series. These short stories are compliments to the Deliverance Society Series and gives the reader an extra peak at the characters lives. They can be read alone but are better if read with the series.

The first novel in the Deliverance Society series is Signs of Love and Deliverance which is available in Kindle, KU and print at Amazon. Go check it out!


Raven’s Rule is the first Deliverance Society Short Story and a compliment to the Deliverance Society Series.


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Tracy Kay