Raven’s Rule Cover

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited. Raven’s Rule’s cover is all ready to go.  It’s so beautiful!  The short story is all finished and I’m getting it formatted and ready to publish soon!  It’s almost here!

Here’s the fabulous cover a friend helped me design. She’s awesome but wanted to stay anonymous. However, all the real credit goes to her for this design.

Here’s Raven’s Rule Cover!

Raven's rule (A)[1422]cover

Raven’s Rule is a little short story that is a compliment to Signs of Love and Deliverance and to tide everyone over until I get that sequel finished. It’s still in the works.  Raven’s Rule is a little bit of erotica and a departure from my usual romance but I think it is fun. Also, it gives us an incite and a taste of one of my favorite characters, Raven.  I hope everyone will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  As soon as Raven’s Rule is up for sale, I’ll be sure to share it with you!  Until then, keep on reading!


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