Raven’s Rule Is Live!

Hi Everyone!

My first Deliverance Society Short Story is now available!  Raven’s Rule is available on Kindle for .99 cents and free with Kindle Unlimited.

Raven's rule (A)[1422]cover


I just love this little peek into Raven’s life and I’m so thrilled to be sharing it with you. However, be forewarned this short story is a bit more steamy and on the kinky side than Signs of Love and Deliverance. So if that sort of material bothers you, just pass on it.  Raven’s Rule is a compliment to Signs but it is not necessary to read it for the series.

I hadn’t intended on writing short stories for the Deliverance Society series, but with so many people eagerly awaiting Signs’ sequel, I decided to see what I could whip up. Raven’s Rule is the result. Yes, it took time away from the sequel, but I was hitting road blocks with it anyway. Sometimes stories stall so we can come back at them later with a better frame of mind and more enthusiasm. No worries, I’m still working on the sequel and hoping it will be out by the end of the year or next year at the latest.  In the meantime, enjoy Raven’s Rule, the first of many short stories.

In the days to come, I will be posting teasers here and on facebook to entice you to read Raven’s Rule.  Be sure to check them out!   If you haven’t already, like my facebook page.


I do on occasion make a posting other than book related stuff.

I am attempting to get a mailing list started. My, is that complicated. Hopefully, I can get that going soon.  I will also attempt to get myself on twitter and Instagram. This social media stuff is truly a challenge for me, but I’m trying. I guess that is all that counts.

The warmer weather finally seems to be coming our way and isn’t it a perfect time to pick up that kindle and do a bit of reading. While you are snagging your copy of Raven’s Rule or Signs of Love and Deliverance,



check out what I have been reading.  I am totally hooked on Anna Hackett’s Hell Squad and Galactic Gladiators series. She has a couple of freebies on her website if you want to check her out.


Anna Carver, another of my favorites, has a new one out Taming Chaos which is a spinoff of her Dark Planet Warrior’s series. I can’t wait to read it.  If you haven’t read any of the Dark Planet Warrior’s series, the first book is free on Amazon. Check out her website:


And another of my favorites who has a new book out is Cynthia Sax. Taking Vengeance is the newest novel in her Cyborg Sizzle series. I finished reading this one a few days ago. It is a great read!  Releasing Rage is the first book in this series and is free on Amazon. Go check it out!  Here’s Cynthia’s website:


As you can tell, I love sci fi, and add a bit of romance to it, I’m one happy reader. Oh and yes, I do have a sci fi story or two rolling around in my brain waiting for me to write it down in my own stories. So, don’t be surprised if I take a break from the Deliverance Society to delve into the future and out into space, to another world.  Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. What fun!

All right that’s it for me today. I hope you pick up a copy of Raven’s Rule!  And don’t forget to leave a word or two in the reviews. Those reviews really help readers to choose a book and they help us writers to sell them.  Until next time, keep on reading!




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