November’s Featured Author

Good Afternoon!

It is that time to have a featured author! I missed posting a featured author in October. Shame on me! The month simply seemed to slip by, but I have a great author for this month.

November’s Featured Author is:  River Savage

A year ago, I discovered this author when I was looking for something different to read. I stumbled upon the sexy and bad boy MC romance genre and now I’m hooked. As with all genres, some MC romance writers are better than others. One of the authors I first read in this genre was River Savage and she is definitely one of the better ones. Her series Knights Rebels MC has four full length novels and two novellas, Incandescent, Affliction, Desertion, Infatuation, Reclaimed and Paradox.

The first novel, Incandescent, begins the series with Nix and Kadence’s story. I found this to be an easy and fast read. Nix is the president of the Knights Rebels who are going legit with a son who happens to be in Kadence’s class. Although Kadence is reluctant to get involved with a student’s father, fate keeps putting them together and she finally gives in to the MC’s president. Kadence’s past throws in a few hiccups to their relationship but everything gets sorted out in the end with the bad guys losing. This book is free in Kindle.

Incandescent leads the reader into the second book in the series, Affliction, with Sy and Holly’s story. Desertion is Jessie and Bell’s story which I have to say was my favorite in the series. And Infatuation is Beau and Mackenzie’s story. The novella, Reclaimed, is a continuation of Nix and Kadence’s story, and the novella, Paradox, is a twist on Incandescent as a what if, very interesting.

Although each story does have a conflict and plot going on, the stories are about the romance and how two people are able to work through their issues to come together and fall in love.

These stories deal with personal issues such as domestic violence, PTSD, trauma, loss and heart break. Each one of the books leads into the next but each can be read as a stand alone, although I do suggest reading them in order. It is more enjoyable that way.
So, if you like the bad boys who are members of an MC family and spirited women who can handle them, this is a series of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of my book, Signs of Love and Deliverance, just follow the link below. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited. Have a great rest of your day and a fantastic weekend. And don’t forget to keep on reading!



Good Afternoon!

It is finally feeling like Fall! My apologies to my followers for having not posted anything over the past few weeks. October has just slipped on by me.

Earlier in the month, my family spent time with my Dad in Pennsylvania. It was a whirlwind visit, packed full of activities and a tribute/memorial for my mother which was difficult emotionally. When we returned, I decided to take a little break from anything Signs of Love and Deliverance related since the last six months most of my time had been focused on rewrites, editing, publishing and marketing it. The publishing and marketing is so very new to me and I’m still fumbling around it. I probably will for years to come.

During my little break, I have been working on getting my house ready for the winter to come which is still in progress. I’m not much of a housekeeper. Also, I have been reading a lot, working a bit on some new story ideas and doing a bit of writing. And, to top it all off, we are still dealing with the ongoing teenage drama.

Next on my agenda is writing Signs of Love and Deliverance’s sequel. I have had several readers ask when it will be coming out and the only answer I have is, it will happen when it happens. I have the story started but it is no where near ready to be done. I’m only in the developing stage of the story, not even a first draft yet and only a working title. But be assured, I am working on it.

In the meantime, go read Signs of Love and Deliverance if you haven’t already. If you are unsure you will like it, go check out my previous blogs for excerpts and featured characters or download a sample of the novel onto your kindle. If you have already read Signs and want to read what I’m reading, go check out some of the authors I have featured previously. In the next week or so, I will feature another author I like to read, so be sure to swing on by and check that out.

Next week, I will feature the beautiful and sassy female Captains of the Deliverance Society. They are fierce, strong women who know how to kick some butt, and like the men, they are introduced in Signs. Make sure you come by to check them out.

Until next week, have a fabulous week and weekend and keep on reading!



Novel Update

Good Evening!

Wow what a week it has been and it is only Wednesday!

First off, my deepest sympathies to all those individuals and families who have been  affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, to those who have been injured, all of those who were there and anyone who feels this event deeply. The terror that these people experienced is beyond words. May all of you find peace and some sort of resolution for your pain and trauma.

This has been a very busy week as my family prepares for the Canadian holiday weekend.  I will be happy to share the events of my upcoming weekend, which for this family starts early tomorrow morning, next week.

Good News!   Signs of Love and Deliverance is now available in print on the Canadian Amazon website.  They have finally resolved the issues!  Yeah!  I’ll leave the link for the print version of Signs below.

With so much going on, I have not had the time to give you my last featured character post for Signs of Love and Deliverance. I will post this sometime next week. I will be working on the Character page of my website in the near future so it is easier for you to follow your favorite characters. There will be no more Friday Excerpts but I’ll throw one out there on occasion.

Also, I have decided to have one featured author a month instead of once a week. Why, you ask.  Because I need to get busy writing!

Why must I get busy writing?   It is now official, I have had many, yes many, people tell me I have to get busy and write the sequel to Signs.

The good news?  I have already started on this novel.  I’m kicking around the title, and yes, I know who the story will revolve around.  Yup, I think there will be another mystery afoot.  Most likely, more murder and mayhem.  Definitely love with alpha males and spirited ladies.   And let’s not forget the evil villains.  We can’t forget those.

And for those of you who want to see Madeline and Damon again, they make an appearance or two.  But that’s all the hints I’m giving for now.

That’s all I have for now.   If you are looking for something to do over the weekend, go download Signs of Love and Deliverance.  It should keep you occupied.  Enjoy the rest of your week, and for those of you who are Canadian and celebrating Canada’s Thanksgiving, celebrate, eat a lot, and have fun this weekend.

Until next week, keep on reading!





Thanks and Friday’s Excerpt

Good Afternoon!

Thank you, so very much, to the people who downloaded my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance, during my free kindle ebook promotion! You are all FABULOUS!

To me, this promotion was a great success which far exceeded my expectations. I’m sure for authors who have been doing this for awhile would say my success was modest, perhaps even nonexistent, but to me, it was pretty big. I did not spend any money on this promotion as this is my first novel and my budget is very small. I did all the promotion myself through my blog, facebook and goodreads posting, on a couple of free listings and word of mouth. So again, thank you to those who downloaded my awesome novel. You are the ones who made it a success. Now go read it and enjoy!

Aren’t you happy it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us? I know I am. If you are looking for something to do, go read my novel Signs of Love and Deliverance.  Then, let me know what you think by writing a review or simply dropping me an email. I need some encouragement to write that sequel.

For those of you in Canada trying to get the print version of Signs of Love and Deliverance and have noticed that it is not “available”, I have contacted Amazon/Createspace and they are working on the problem. Hopefully, everything will be resolved within a week or so. I will keep on them until it is.

Onto today’s fun!

Here’s today’s excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance which features Raven and Gretchen and her brother, Warren. Warren believes it is way past time Gretchen is married and they are in the middle of an argument when Raven intervenes. Enjoy!

In the cold fireplace, a fire sparked and blazed to life with a roar. Furious and in pain, Gretchen picked up the nearest object and threw it. The crystal dish smashed against the wall next to her brother. “I will not marry that man!” She screamed and picked up another object to throw at her brother.

“What is going on here? I could hear you out in the street.” Raven demanded as he entered the tension filled room. “Gretchen, put that down,” Raven ordered calmly.

Stopping in mid-throw at Raven’s voice, Gretchen glanced at him and put the figurine down, much to the annoyance of her brother. His sister never listened to anyone when she was this enraged. Her fury had to burn itself out. That is until now.

“What is this all about?” Raven demanded again in a steady, calm voice.

“He . . .” Gretchen pointed at her brother, shaking with emotion, “wants me to marry Lord Ruxford and I refuse.”

“You will marry him, Gretchen. It is for your own good,” Warren shouted, infuriated with his sister for her obstinacy, and her obedience to a man he didn’t know.

“How can it be for my own good when I hate the man?” Gretchen yelled in return, trembling with rage, pain, and fear. She couldn’t marry Lord Ruxford, she couldn’t.

“Calm down, both of you. Now sit,” Raven ordered and pointed at two seats in opposite sides of the room. Warren sat in the indicated chair with an expression of uncertainty on his face. Gretchen sat on the settee with a huff, crossed her arms, and glared at her bother. Raven watched them both for a moment before speaking again. “You will not have to marry a man you hate, Gretchen, so calm down.”

“Who the hell are you to make that promise?” Warren blustered, red faced, and indignant at the man’s interference and his calm. He stared at Raven with confusion. He didn’t understand why he felt so intimated. Raven wasn’t much larger than Warren; however, he felt compelled to do as Raven ordered. The man exuded an authority which Warren hadn’t encountered before.

“I am Raven,” he said simply, as if that was enough information. “And don’t take that tone with me. I won’t tolerate it,” Raven warned quietly.

Gretchen lifted her chin defiantly at her brother. “I will speak to Simon. He is the head of this family and he won’t force me to marry Lord Ruxford or Lord Henry.” Now that Raven had appeared, she felt more calm and confidant. The room had stopped spinning and the pain in her head had become a dull ache.

“I have decided to take the decision out of Simon’s hands. He has allowed you to do as you please for too long. It is time for you to marry,” Warren argued, although with less heat with Raven’s presence. “Ruxford has wealth and is well titled. Cummings comes from a good family, and he has some wealth, as well as the title he gained from his brother.” Warren crossed his arms and glared at his sister. “Ruxford or Cummings. Now choose!”

Gretchen glared back at him. “As I said before, I do not care about wealth or titles.” An exasperated and exhausted Gretchen explained to her thick-headed, infuriating brother. “I would rather marry Raven than that imbecile Lord Henry or that scary Lord Ruxford.” She glanced over at Raven and smiled to take the sting away from her words. “No offense, Raven.”

Raven grinned and winked at her. “None taken, luv.” Unbeknownst to Gretchen, Raven was a very wealthy man from the many companies he owned and co-owned, including Ravenleigh Shipping. He had never found much use for his wealth, preferring the simple life as a sailor on the Deliverance.

“And who exactly is this man?” Warren uncrossed his arms, gestured at Raven, and raised his blond brows mockingly.

Ahh, Raven, isn’t he something else. I just love him!  And Gretchen, so sassy!

If you want to learn more about Raven and Gretchen, go pick up a copy of my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance, and find out how Raven and Gretchen met. What is their relationship anyway? Hmmm, is there a budding romance between them? Does Warren get what he wants and can convince Gretchen to marry Lord Henry or Lord Ruxford?

You will have to read the novel to find out.

Have a fantastic, fun filled weekend and keep on reading!


Wednesday’s Featured Author

Good Afternoon!

I bet you thought I forgot it was Feature Author Day! I didn’t! I simply wanted to remind you that my novel is FREE today with only a few hours left to go!

This is the Last Day to get my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance for FREE on kindle! That’s it, the last day. Don’t procrastinate or you will have to pay the full price.

Here’s the link for your convenience:

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Onto one my favorite things to do: reading my favorite authors’ books.

Today, I am featuring one of my favorite new authors. Well, she’s not new, just new to me. I discovered her last winter when I was out with a nasty virus that gave me the energy of a sloth and all I could do was read or watch T.V. or movies. I hate those types of viruses. But a great thing occurred during those terrible two weeks and that was my discovery of a couple of authors that I fell in love with. This past weekend I was lucky enough to actually meet today’s featured author on line and was able to tell her how much I loved the series I read of hers. So, I thought it was only apt to feature her here today.

For the last couple weeks, I have been featuring sci fi monster authors and today will not be much different. My featured author writes sci fi and the heros of her books might be considered monsters. Without further adieu, today’s featured author is: Cynthia Sax

Wednesday’s Featured Author: Cynthia Sax

As I said above, I discovered Cynthia’s series Cyborg Sizzle when I was ill, and after reading the first novel, Releasing Rage, I had to read the next, and then the next and then the next, etc. I have read every book in this series and I’m waiting very impatiently for her next book in this series, Seeking Vector, which comes out October 3. I have already preordered this one; something I don’t often do. That is how much I love this series. I have even read Releasing Rage twice and I want to read it again, along with all the other books in the series.

Now that I have gushed over this series and I’ll do some more gushing in a moment, I have to give a warning. Not all of her reviews on the first book, Releasing Rage, are good, the readers didn’t like Rage or Joan. Some thought the book too violent, Rage too dominant and Joan too submissive, a pushover/doormat. There is violence, sex, and a rape scene in this novel and many didn’t like how this was portrayed and how the characters dealt with it. Many saw Rage as cruel and Joan as weak. I don’t agree with this view.

First off, we must understand the setting and sociology of the culture of this novel. Rage is a cyborg, not human. The human society represented in the novel is that of a male dominated society. The human males are violent and view women as beneath them. This is a futuristic story and does not take place on Earth so obviously doesn’t have Earth ideas or women’s rights, etc.

Rage is simply a tool for the humans, one that does their killing for them. He was designed to be a killer, so he will think and act like a killer. He is not some lovely-dovey, dew-eyed boy or kind gentlemen we like to see our modern men be. Rage is a hard-core killing machine who is angry and has been abused. He’s out for blood and he knows his “owners” plan on terminating him in a very painful, sadistic manner.

Joan has worked hard to become an engineer, the first woman engineer on the battle station she serves on. She is not welcome there. She has to tip toe around in order to survive as her co-workers want her dead, after they rape and abuse her. She is given the worst jobs and not the one she trained for which is working with the cyborgs. Finally, after Rage has killed yet another engineer, Joan is given the opportunity to work with a cyborg and her male co-workers and superiors laugh at her and believe she won’t live past her first encounter with Rage. They expect her to die. They want her to die. She chooses to live by not fighting her co-worker and she chooses to live by being submissive while with Rage.

I won’t give out any more plot here as I don’t want to give it away, but I found Joan to be very courageous and smart, and a survivor. Both Rage and Joan are survivors and they do fall in love with one another and they sacrifice themselves for each other. I ask readers to look beyond the violence which is needed to convey their story, and look at the trust the characters build between each other. This story is about trust and hope as well as love.

The characters in this series are all great. The women are strong, smart, capable and passionate. The cyborg men are dominant, sexy and filled with hope. Hope for a future of freedom for their kind.

Out of all the stories in this series Releasing Rage is probably my favorite. Oh, and it’s free! So, go give it a try. My other favorites in this series are Breathing Vapor, which is exciting and so hot, and Ghost of a Machine, adventurous with a touching love story. Again, I love this series and if you like dark sci fi romance, this one is a must read.

Cynthia has a spin off series from Cyborg Sizzle which she started in March called Refuge. The first book is Dark Thoughts and the second is Dark Flight. I have read Dark Thoughts and I found it to be entertaining. It, too, is dark and violent, but it does continue with a bit of the story and characters that she had begun in her Cyborg Sizzle series. I have yet to read Dark Flight, but it is near the top of my reading list.

Cynthia has other series and books out as well, but as of yet, I haven’t read them. But I’m sure I will get to them eventually. Go check them out on Amazon or on goodreads.

Have a great Wednesday and don’t forget, my book, Signs of Love and Deliverance, is free today. There’s only a few hours left, so go snag your copy and give it a try. Keep on reading!


Last Day It’s Free!

Good Morning!

Today is the last day!

That’s right, you only have today left to get my book, Signs of Love and Deliverance for Free!  On kindle, for FREE!  Tomorrow, it will be back to it’s regular price.

This book has:



Alpha men

Sassy women

Evil Villains

A lot of twists and turns

Make sure you get your Free kindle copy, today.

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Have a fabulous day and go get my free book! And don’t forget, keep on reading!



Free for two more days!

Good Morning!

Signs of Love and Deliverance is FREE today and tomorrow.  Get your kindle copy before it goes back to it’s regular price.

The characters are hot!  They are sexy!

The plot is filled with romance and murder and mayhem!

Here’s a little offering from Signs of Love and Deliverance.  Oh, how evil can this villain be?

The man watched Madeline Cathcart enter the house across the road. He despised her, everything she was, and her relationship with Joselyn Parker. He shuddered with rage, flexing the hands he wanted to wrap around her neck and squeeze until there was no life left. He would kill her and he would enjoy it, as he enjoyed all his other kills.

Trust me, this villain is one scary creature.  I can’t tell you who he is, that would give it away.  You will have to read the book and figure it out or wait until end when he is revealed.

It’s FREE, for two more days.  Go get your copy, give a read, and then let me know what you think.

It’s my birthday today.  I am now officially half a century old.  I’m not sure what to make of that but I know I am in a good place, I like the direction my life is going in, I’m starting a whole new phase of my life becoming an author, I have a great family, and I’m relatively happy. All in all, it’s a good day!

Signs of Love and Deliverance is doing more than I anticipated. When I first started on this publishing journey, my expectations were to publish my book and have a handful of people read it.  I never expected to have many people want to read it.  I published this novel in mid-July in kindle and had a couple of friends read it and a couple other people bought it but haven’t read it yet. Then in August, I had a few other people buy it and then it became September and I have sold about 10 paperback versions of my book and a few more kindle versions, some with kindle unlimited.  This Saturday, I did my free promotion which is still running.  I posted it here, on my facebook page, on goodreads and on a few facebook groups with the hopes I would garner some interest, selling maybe 20 or so free books.  I have far surpassed that expectation.  I have had over 200 people download my book and 2 more paperback copies. I’m stunned.  I know this number is modest, perhaps even a failure, for other authors, but this is big for me. I’m thrilled and surprised. All I can say is thank you to those people who bought my book and I feel blessed.

Have a wonderful day and keep on reading!


It’s Still Free and Monday’s Featured Character!

Good Morning!

It’s Monday and It’s still FREE!

My novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance is still free on kindle at Amazon until Wednesday, Sept 27. Make sure you go grab your copy. Here’s the link

Today is featured character day. This my absolute favorite character. I saved him for this week because, well, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I thought it only fitting to share with you my favorite alpha male.

Featured Character from Signs of Love and Deliverance: Raven

Raven is one of the Captains of Signs of Love and Deliverance. Actually, he is the First Mate of the Deliverance and acting Captain when Conrad is off doing something else. Raven is dark and mysterious. He is dominating and commanding. He likes being in control, because he can. Raven has powers of persuasion that confuses and mystifies others. He is fiercely protective of those whom he believes belongs to him. He will punish those under his care when necessary. He is firm when it is required and gentle when needed. No one wants to get on his bad side and no one defies him.

Here is a quote from Signs of Love and Deliverance which describes Raven:

“What do you mean, crisis?” Raven demanded, not pleased that Brandon hadn’t confided in him if there was trouble. Power and strength of will emanated off Raven, instilling awe and deference in those around him.

Regarding his friend of many years, Brandon still found it odd and a bit disturbing that he resembled Raven more than he did his own brothers. Like himself, Raven was tall, broad of shoulder and well-muscled. They both had black hair that fell to their shoulders, but had features that were put together in a slightly different way. They even had similar personalities, mannerisms, integrity, and intelligence. The only major difference between them were their eyes. His were green and Raven’s eyes were a piercing midnight blue that seemed almost black at times.

And just another little quote:

Raven sauntered into the room, taking a seat across from Gretchen. His powerful presence filled the room, commanding everyone’s attention. Although he could be intimidating at times and demanded absolute obedience, those he cared for felt a little safer with the strength of his presence and calming energy. “Madeline, Gretchen,” he greeted with a perceptive twinkle in his eye, causing both of the young women to blush.

Yeah, he’s hot and sexy. He makes a girl’s mouth water. It’s a good thing my husband isn’t jealous of the characters I create or read about or I would be in big trouble.

I hope you enjoyed my sizzling hot featured character today and it has inspired you to go read my book, Signs of Love and Deliverance. It’s free, you know. Until Wednesday.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and keep on reading!


Signs of Love and Deliverance is FREE!

Good Morning Reader Friends!

It is a bright and sunny morning here in Southern Ontario and it is HOT. But not just temperature hot, but book hot!

That’s right Signs of Love and Deliverance is on its second day of being FREE on kindle!

If you are looking for an historical Regency romance that is a bit different, give it a try.

There is love and romance!

There is murder and mayhem!

There are hot, sexy, and dominant men!

There are feisty, strong and daring women!

There are villains you will love to hate!

The hero is Damon Spencer

The heroine is Madeline Cathcart

The killer is . . . . . .

You will have to read Signs of Love and Deliverance to find out!

And it’s Free!

Go snag your copy by Wednesday, Sept 27 before the price goes back up.

Here is the link:

Enjoy your Sunday and find some time to keep on reading!


It’s Free!

Good Morning Everyone!

Signs Of Love and Deliverance is FREE!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Southern Ontario!  I’m having coffee and croissants with the family from Timmies (aka. Tim Hortons for those of you not in Canada)

And on top of this wonderful start to my Saturday, I have great news!

Signs of Love and Deliverance is free on kindle for the next five days!

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I will be making a post every day to remind you.  I’ll get annoying.  I want you to buy my book.  So go get it, it’s FREE!

Have a great Saturday and keep on reading!