It’s Still Free and Monday’s Featured Character!

Good Morning!

It’s Monday and It’s still FREE!

My novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance is still free on kindle at Amazon until Wednesday, Sept 27. Make sure you go grab your copy. Here’s the link

Today is featured character day. This my absolute favorite character. I saved him for this week because, well, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I thought it only fitting to share with you my favorite alpha male.

Featured Character from Signs of Love and Deliverance: Raven

Raven is one of the Captains of Signs of Love and Deliverance. Actually, he is the First Mate of the Deliverance and acting Captain when Conrad is off doing something else. Raven is dark and mysterious. He is dominating and commanding. He likes being in control, because he can. Raven has powers of persuasion that confuses and mystifies others. He is fiercely protective of those whom he believes belongs to him. He will punish those under his care when necessary. He is firm when it is required and gentle when needed. No one wants to get on his bad side and no one defies him.

Here is a quote from Signs of Love and Deliverance which describes Raven:

“What do you mean, crisis?” Raven demanded, not pleased that Brandon hadn’t confided in him if there was trouble. Power and strength of will emanated off Raven, instilling awe and deference in those around him.

Regarding his friend of many years, Brandon still found it odd and a bit disturbing that he resembled Raven more than he did his own brothers. Like himself, Raven was tall, broad of shoulder and well-muscled. They both had black hair that fell to their shoulders, but had features that were put together in a slightly different way. They even had similar personalities, mannerisms, integrity, and intelligence. The only major difference between them were their eyes. His were green and Raven’s eyes were a piercing midnight blue that seemed almost black at times.

And just another little quote:

Raven sauntered into the room, taking a seat across from Gretchen. His powerful presence filled the room, commanding everyone’s attention. Although he could be intimidating at times and demanded absolute obedience, those he cared for felt a little safer with the strength of his presence and calming energy. “Madeline, Gretchen,” he greeted with a perceptive twinkle in his eye, causing both of the young women to blush.

Yeah, he’s hot and sexy. He makes a girl’s mouth water. It’s a good thing my husband isn’t jealous of the characters I create or read about or I would be in big trouble.

I hope you enjoyed my sizzling hot featured character today and it has inspired you to go read my book, Signs of Love and Deliverance. It’s free, you know. Until Wednesday.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and keep on reading!


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