It’s Free!

Good Morning Everyone!

Signs Of Love and Deliverance is FREE!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Southern Ontario!  I’m having coffee and croissants with the family from Timmies (aka. Tim Hortons for those of you not in Canada)

And on top of this wonderful start to my Saturday, I have great news!

Signs of Love and Deliverance is free on kindle for the next five days!

Go get your copy today!

Here’s the link on amazon’s US site for .com:

The link on amazon’s Canada site for .ca:

Don’t forget, Signs of Love and Deliverance is only free until Wednesday, September 27. Make sure you grab your copy.

I will be making a post every day to remind you.  I’ll get annoying.  I want you to buy my book.  So go get it, it’s FREE!

Have a great Saturday and keep on reading!




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