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Good Afternoon!

I bet you thought I forgot it was Feature Author Day! I didn’t! I simply wanted to remind you that my novel is FREE today with only a few hours left to go!

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Onto one my favorite things to do: reading my favorite authors’ books.

Today, I am featuring one of my favorite new authors. Well, she’s not new, just new to me. I discovered her last winter when I was out with a nasty virus that gave me the energy of a sloth and all I could do was read or watch T.V. or movies. I hate those types of viruses. But a great thing occurred during those terrible two weeks and that was my discovery of a couple of authors that I fell in love with. This past weekend I was lucky enough to actually meet today’s featured author on line and was able to tell her how much I loved the series I read of hers. So, I thought it was only apt to feature her here today.

For the last couple weeks, I have been featuring sci fi monster authors and today will not be much different. My featured author writes sci fi and the heros of her books might be considered monsters. Without further adieu, today’s featured author is: Cynthia Sax

Wednesday’s Featured Author: Cynthia Sax

As I said above, I discovered Cynthia’s series Cyborg Sizzle when I was ill, and after reading the first novel, Releasing Rage, I had to read the next, and then the next and then the next, etc. I have read every book in this series and I’m waiting very impatiently for her next book in this series, Seeking Vector, which comes out October 3. I have already preordered this one; something I don’t often do. That is how much I love this series. I have even read Releasing Rage twice and I want to read it again, along with all the other books in the series.

Now that I have gushed over this series and I’ll do some more gushing in a moment, I have to give a warning. Not all of her reviews on the first book, Releasing Rage, are good, the readers didn’t like Rage or Joan. Some thought the book too violent, Rage too dominant and Joan too submissive, a pushover/doormat. There is violence, sex, and a rape scene in this novel and many didn’t like how this was portrayed and how the characters dealt with it. Many saw Rage as cruel and Joan as weak. I don’t agree with this view.

First off, we must understand the setting and sociology of the culture of this novel. Rage is a cyborg, not human. The human society represented in the novel is that of a male dominated society. The human males are violent and view women as beneath them. This is a futuristic story and does not take place on Earth so obviously doesn’t have Earth ideas or women’s rights, etc.

Rage is simply a tool for the humans, one that does their killing for them. He was designed to be a killer, so he will think and act like a killer. He is not some lovely-dovey, dew-eyed boy or kind gentlemen we like to see our modern men be. Rage is a hard-core killing machine who is angry and has been abused. He’s out for blood and he knows his “owners” plan on terminating him in a very painful, sadistic manner.

Joan has worked hard to become an engineer, the first woman engineer on the battle station she serves on. She is not welcome there. She has to tip toe around in order to survive as her co-workers want her dead, after they rape and abuse her. She is given the worst jobs and not the one she trained for which is working with the cyborgs. Finally, after Rage has killed yet another engineer, Joan is given the opportunity to work with a cyborg and her male co-workers and superiors laugh at her and believe she won’t live past her first encounter with Rage. They expect her to die. They want her to die. She chooses to live by not fighting her co-worker and she chooses to live by being submissive while with Rage.

I won’t give out any more plot here as I don’t want to give it away, but I found Joan to be very courageous and smart, and a survivor. Both Rage and Joan are survivors and they do fall in love with one another and they sacrifice themselves for each other. I ask readers to look beyond the violence which is needed to convey their story, and look at the trust the characters build between each other. This story is about trust and hope as well as love.

The characters in this series are all great. The women are strong, smart, capable and passionate. The cyborg men are dominant, sexy and filled with hope. Hope for a future of freedom for their kind.

Out of all the stories in this series Releasing Rage is probably my favorite. Oh, and it’s free! So, go give it a try. My other favorites in this series are Breathing Vapor, which is exciting and so hot, and Ghost of a Machine, adventurous with a touching love story. Again, I love this series and if you like dark sci fi romance, this one is a must read.

Cynthia has a spin off series from Cyborg Sizzle which she started in March called Refuge. The first book is Dark Thoughts and the second is Dark Flight. I have read Dark Thoughts and I found it to be entertaining. It, too, is dark and violent, but it does continue with a bit of the story and characters that she had begun in her Cyborg Sizzle series. I have yet to read Dark Flight, but it is near the top of my reading list.

Cynthia has other series and books out as well, but as of yet, I haven’t read them. But I’m sure I will get to them eventually. Go check them out on Amazon or on goodreads.

Have a great Wednesday and don’t forget, my book, Signs of Love and Deliverance, is free today. There’s only a few hours left, so go snag your copy and give it a try. Keep on reading!


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