Monday’s Featured Character

Good Afternoon!

It’s Monday already. The weekend seemed to just disappear. I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready for this week. It’s going to be a busy one!
Today is featured character day and my featured character is one of the lovely ladies of Signs of Love and Deliverance.

Featured Character from Signs of Love and Deliverance: Lady Gretchen Malany

Gretchen Malany is one lively, fiery lady. She is feisty, strong willed, and speaks her mind. Gretchen prefers to spend her time painting or with her family and close friends. She isn’t much of a socialite and doesn’t care about what others think of her. Gretchen is the sister of the Simon Malany, the Marquess of Morelyn and she helps him run their very large estate. In fact, she is the sister of many brothers and they are a close-knit family. However, no matter how close she is to her many brothers, she does butt heads with them from time to time.

Gretchen is Madeline Cathcart’s, the heroine of this story, best friend. They grew up together and always seem to find themselves in trouble together. Here is a paragraph from Signs of Love and Deliverance that describes Madeline and Gretchen’s relationship and a little about Gretchen.

Madeline had known Gretchen since they were children and they seemed more like sisters than friends. It was no surprise they were good friends. After all, their families had been neighbors for decades, and she and Gretchen had gotten into so many scrapes together through the years, Madeline couldn’t remember them all. Gretchen had a sweet nature and was full of energy, but when provoked, she became a spitfire as her many brothers liked to call her. At twenty-four, she was a tiny slip of a woman, barely five feet tall, with rich, auburn hair that had red and gold highlights and light gray eyes almost the color of silver. She had a soft beauty that melted hearts and she held a very special place in Madeline’s life.

Gretchen does play a major role in this novel, and she finds herself becoming smitten with Raven, one of the Captains of the Deliverance Society. Things do get interesting between these two characters. I can promise, Gretchen will be featured in future stories. I think many readers will fall in love with this character as I have. Madeline couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s featured character and want to go find out what Gretchen is up to by reading my novel, Signs of Love and Deliverance. The link is below for the kindle version.

Don’t forget, Wednesday is Feature Author day and Friday I will post another excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance. Also, look for a special announcement on Friday. I have big news! Until then, have a great rest of your Monday and keep on reading!


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