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Today is feature character day, so let’s get right to it.

Featured Character from Signs of Love and Deliverance: Captain Conrad Morgan

Oh, I do like me some Captain Morgan, in particular Captain Conrad Morgan, not the drink. I did not intentionally name my character after the popular rum or after the 17th century privateer, Sir Henry Morgan. Captain Conrad Morgan’s character and name was created when I was in my early 20s. I wasn’t sure what story Conrad would end up in, and it wasn’t until later that I discovered there was not only a real Captain Morgan, but a rum named after him. It did not deter me from using my Captain Morgan in my story. I love this character and I love the name, so I kept him.

Conrad Morgan is the Captain of the ship The Deliverance, and he is one of the founders and heads of the Deliverance Society. Conrad is very protective of those he loves and cares for and deadly to those who make him an enemy. He is commanding and overbearing and demands respect with his mere presence. He is handsome, blond with gray eyes, strong, very capable, and runs his ship and the society with precision and a firm hand. He expects obedience from all who are under his care and he will administer punishment when needed. It is not wise for a person disobey Conrad Morgan.

Conrad doesn’t appear often in Signs of Love and Deliverance as this isn’t his story, but he is present enough that it is obvious he is in charge of those involved with the Deliverance Society and those he considers his family.

Here is a little snippet from Signs of Love and Deliverance to give a taste of Captain Conrad Morgan.

Jeremy jumped when he heard the door close more than an hour later. Closing the book he had been trying to read with little success, he watched a tall, burly man with thick muscles, blond hair, and steely gray eyes enter the room. Jeremy felt a jolt of fear run through him as the captain silently watched him. He was big, intimidating, and commanding. The man’s mere presence demanded respect and attention.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s featured character and feel inspired to learn more about Conrad by reading my novel Signs of Love and Deliverance. The link is below for the kindle version.

Come by on Wednesday and find out what I have been reading this week when I post my featured author. Here’s a hint: it’s not romance, but it is sci fi with some big old monsters and a team of ex military mercenaries. Good times! Swing on by on Friday and read the next excerpt from my book. This one will include a bit more of Captain Conrad Morgan.

Have a great rest of your Monday and keep on reading!


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