Wednesday’s Featured Author

Good Evening my fellow readers, writers and friends!

Today has slipped away from me and I am writing this much later than intended, but that is how things happen.  So, without further ado, I give you today’s featured Author.

Calista Skye

Calista Skye has written several books and I believe most of them are sci fi romance which is right up my solar system.  I do like a good sci fi story, and when a little romance is thrown in, I’m one happy reader. I haven’t read all of her books but I have started two of her series.  In time, I’m sure I will get to them all.

The first book I read of Calista Skye’s was Given to the Alien.  This novel features a romance between Olivia Cooper, a space marine and alien General Ator’aq, a Braxian Warrior. Earth’s Space Force is battling against the Ethereal aliens and must seek the Braxians’ assistance. Through battles, lies and adventure, Olivia and the General end up in love.  This is a great read and I enjoyed this novel.  I look forward to reading the next book in this series:  Alien Invader’s Baby.

The other series that I have been reading is the Fire Planet Warriors. This is a fun, light-hearted series with a great deal of adventure.  The first book in the series is Fire Warrior’s Captive. The romance is between Harper and Vrax’ton.  Harper and her other female crew members are observing a planet that has a continuous fire which travels its globe. An alien abducts Harper, but once she is able to escape, she crashes on the Fire Planet where she must out run the perpetual fire that ravages the planet. As she races away from the fire, she meets up with Vrax’ton, an alien barbarian warrior, who believes Harper is his fated mate and their journey of romance and adventure begins.  I loved this book, really, I did.  It was so much fun and there were parts I laughed. Sometimes, we just need something like this to read.

The second book in the Fire Planet Warriors series is Fire Planet Warrior’s Passion. This is Lily and Ravex’ton’s story and it takes place on the planet Acerex.  Lily is sent as Earth’s Ambassador to the tribes to get them to accept technology.  When she is sent to the remote Ytter tribe in the coldest and most dangerous part of the world, she is faced with many challenges from the people as well as the elements.  Ravex’ton saves her from danger and their adventures begins, as does their passion for each other.  Like the first book in this series, this one was fun with a lot of action.  It was fast-paced and it kept you reading.

The third book in this series is the Fire Planet Warrior’s Baby.  This book is Charlotte and Cori’ax’s story. I have yet to read this one, but it is next on my reading list.

Most of Calista Skye’s books are available for kindle unlimited, but if you are not in that program, the majority of her kindle books are available under $5.

So if you have a little time this weekend and are looking for some fun and light hearted romance to read, go check out Calista Skye’s books.

And if you haven’t already, feel free to download a copy of my book and give it a read and let me know what you think. Link is below.

Until Friday, when I tease you with my next excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance, keep on reading!



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