Monday’s Featured Character

Good Early Evening on this Monday!

My how quickly this day disappeared. It had been an extremely busy day with many chores and tasks to accomplish, and now I am tired and ready for my day to end. However, I am happy to have my busy day filled with the usual activities of my life, as my heart goes out to those who are currently struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. May those who are enduring this disaster find resolution and peace. I send you love and healing energies!

Now onto the topic of the day: Signs of Love and Deliverance’s featured character!

Aaron Farrington, the Marquess of Brumley

Aaron Farrington is one of the bad guys in Signs of Love and Deliverance. He is a true villain and kind of creepy. He is a powerful and mean Lord. He despises the Cathcarts and anyone who allies with them. He has no compunction using the people in his life for his evil activities, and it is not beneath him to commit any crime that suits his devious deeds.

The following is a small excerpt describing Aaron Farrington.

He was a nondescript man in his late forties, with thinning, brown hair, brown eyes, medium height, not fat, not thin; there was nothing distinguishing about the man except for his mouth. He had a perpetual sneer, and with a curl of his upper lip, his sneer turned evil. He had an aura about him that caused a body to shiver, wishing he or she could be anywhere but in his presence.

       Farrington ran his household and his businesses with a tight fist. He cared for no one but himself, his pleasures, and his money. He was intelligent, powerful, wealthy, and dangerous. Some respected him, some feared him, some hated him, and those who knew him, avoided him.

I hope you enjoyed my featured character today and it encourages you to go read Signs of Love and Deliverance and find out how cruel Farrington truly is. Below is a link for the kindle version of Signs but you can also purchase it in a paper version.

Have a lovely rest of your Monday and keep on reading!



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