Friday’s Excerpt!

Happy Friday! 

I hope everyone has had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.  I have had a busy week and spent last night with some good friends celebrating one of their birthdays with good food and a funny movie.  I made my friend a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and she compared it to a fluffy Reese’s peanut butter cup.  I consider that a compliment.  The movie of choice was Clue, which was made in the late 1980’s and is quite funny. It was a lovely evening with good friends, good food, good entertainment and good conversation. Can’t get much better than that. This weekend, my husband wants to take me out to see a movie we have been wanting to see before it leaves the theater, so I am looking forward to that because that means a date night, woo hoo! For the remainder of the weekend, I think it will be a relaxing one with some reading and maybe a little writing. All good stuff!

Now onto the next excerpt for Signs of Love and Deliverance. On Monday, I featured Nicholas Cathcart and the week before I featured Joselyn Parker so I thought it only fitting to share a bit more of their encounters. The sparks fly between these two.

“Where do you think you are going?” Nicholas asked for the second time and he was losing his patience. The ladies were in the wrong. Not only did they disobey Brandon, but they put themselves at risk. Surely, Joselyn understood that.

            “Out.” She tilted up her chin in defiance. She did not have to do what this man told her to do. She was not a member of this family.

            “I take it, then, you want a spanking,” Nicholas threatened, seriously considering it. He had had enough and was at the end of his patience.

            “No, which is why I am leaving before Lord Kenrik decides to give me one for some unknown reason,” she sneered at him, and again, headed for the door.

            “If you leave this house, you won’t need to worry about Brandon turning you over his knee.” He paused, watching her take another step towards the door. “Because I will do it first, right now.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her up against him. “You don’t want me spanking you, Joselyn. I promise, you won’t like it one bit.” He watched her intently for a moment before adding with a wicked grin, “Or perhaps you would.”

I hope this little snippet entices you enough to want to go read some more. If it does, hop on over to amazon and pick up your copy of Signs of Love and Deliverance.  The link is below for your convenience.

Until next week when I will feature another great character, enjoy your weekend, do something fun and keep on reading!



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