Signs Snag!

Hey All!

So, I hit a snag.

I received my proof novel today. It is beautiful! However, they made a small booboo on the copyright page, which they have to fix and send me a new proof next week. It is not an end of the world snag, but I’m not sure why they made a change to my manuscript and a little irritated with myself for not noticing it sooner. Such is the way of things I guess.  So, it will take another week or two before the paper version is available. Also, the kindle version will need to be fixed so it will may be taken down for a day or two until they have it done. As of 10 minutes ago, it was still live so it may not take them long to make the change. For those of you who have already purchased the kindle version, it should automatically update for you when they have done it. If it doesn’t, check your kindle settings for updates.

This has not been the first mistake Createspace (the company used/owned by Amazon to help those of us who are terrible at creating covers and interior stuff to publish our books – and yes, we pay for it) has made during this publishing process, but the staff has been great and very helpful. And the upside, when it is their mistake, they own it, fix it and don’t make me pay for it. I only pay for my changes. They have done a superb job and it has been worth every penny I spent for their expertise to see my dream come true. Thank you Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon. It would have been much more difficult and expensive for me to publish my book without them.

Stop by over the weekend!

The next excerpt from Signs of Love and Deliverance will be coming soon to entice you to grab a copy of my book.  Go check out my facebook page under Tracy Kay if you haven’t already. Become a friend and have a chat with other readers.

Here’s a teaser:  One of my favorite alpha male characters in Signs is the tall, dark, green-eyed, powerful, and alluring Captain Brandon Cathcart. Not only is he the Captain of the Midnight Glory, the Marquess of Kenrik, the heir apparent of the Duke of Warlington, and a doctor, but he has sizzling sex appeal and has a sultry secret.  If you want to learn more about Brandon, go read, my pretties!

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