Signs of Love and Deliverance Excerpts

Hey Everyone!

Today, I am posting my first excerpt or two from Signs to titillate and inspire you to buy my soap opera like romance novel. There are some very hot and sexy alpha males to entice and excite you. The ladies stir up trouble and know how to kick ass when they need to. The villains will make your skin crawl and snarl with disgust.  I can guarantee this isn’t your cookie-cutter romance novel.  There is murder, there is mayhem, there is drama, there is romance, there is sex, there is mystery and suspense. There is even a little bit of kink thrown in for that extra alpha male hit the romance kinksters crave.  Welcome to the dark side of my mind.

Who is the killer? Will you be able to figure out who did it before the end? Is it really Lord Brumley or is it someone else? I would love to know when you learn who the killer is. Feel free to leave comments here or on my facebook page or pop me an email (the links are at the bottom of this page for convenience).

Yesterday, I had posted a little excerpt from the villain on my facebook page. Here is that excerpt:

“The man watched Madeline Cathcart enter the house across the road. He despised her, everything she was, and her relationship with Joselyn Parker. He shuddered with rage, flexing the hands he wanted to wrap around her neck and squeeze until there was no life left. He would kill her and he would enjoy it, as he enjoyed all his other kills.” 

Yeah, he’s one scary guy!

Over the next week or so, I will be posting excepts from Signs here and on my facebook page to hopefully convince you to pick up a copy.  It is available now in kindle and in a few weeks it should be available in print. Also, it is available in kindle unlimited for those of you who are subscribed.  For those of you who don’t have kindle unlimited and can’t or don’t want to pay for the kindle version but still want it, I will be running a limited time promotional sometime this summer. I will announce it when I do.

In the meantime, here is another sneak peak at Signs:

Madeline smiled at Damon, hiding her irritation that Brandon felt she needed a guard. “Good evening, Captain Spencer. I do believe we have met a few years ago,” she greeted, offering her gloved hand. Although Damon was quite handsome, she couldn’t help but stare at his eyes. They were the color of amber and very intense, as if he could see right through her to her darkest secrets. His American accent had a soft drawl to it that gave his baritone voice a smooth quality that was pleasure to the senses. His hair was dark brown and clubbed at the back of his neck. She was tempted to put her hands through it to see if it felt as rich as it looked. She felt a flutter in her stomach and she had to take a deep breath to steady herself.

“Yes, I believe we have, Lady Madeline. It will be my pleasure to escort you this evening,” he replied, lifting her outstretched hand to his lips for a brief kiss. The last time he had met her, she had only begun blossoming into her own. She had turned into a lovely woman, he noted. “And please, call me Damon. No need for formalities.

“Damon, honestly, you don’t have to escort me this evening. I am sure Nicholas will be able to manage,” she suggested, pulling her hand out of his light grasp. She didn’t want this man watching her all night. Damon made her feel self-conscious and uncertain of herself, a very new experience for her. To her consternation, the man left her flustered and unsettled. Not to mention that Damon’s presence might ruin her plans of approaching one of the Farringtons, and that wouldn’t do at all.

“I am sure he could manage. Nevertheless, I will be attending,” Damon stated, ending any further argument she may have had.

I hope you enjoyed that little taste of Damon and Madeline. You can see this and perhaps other excerpts on my facebook page under Tracy Kay:

or drop me an email if you like at

I don’t have a newsletter up and running yet, but I will work on that in the near future.  I also will be working on getting the meet the character page set up so you, my lovely readers, can check out some of my favorite quotes from the characters.  Write you later and have a fabulous day!




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