Another Sneak Peak

Good Morning All!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I know I certainly did.  I spent the weekend relaxing with my husband and reading the last book of one of my favorite series by Anna Carven. The series is The Dark Planet Warriors. If you have kindle unlimited to can read the series for free.  If you like sci fi and love alpha males, you will love this series. It has action, it has giant bugs that need to be killed, it has an intergalactic coup happening, and of course romance.  So I spent my weekend finishing her last installment of the series. I do love a good sci fi romance.

One of my favorite things to do, besides writing, is to read and I read just about anything but my favorite genres are romance and sci fi, put them together and I’m happy.  “Ah but you didn’t write a sci fi novel,” you say. No, I did not.  I wrote a little drama with a smattering of romance and a good murder mystery which takes place in Regency England.  I came up with this story a very long time ago and I actually finished it about 5 years ago but didn’t have the nerve to publish it.   But last fall, a friend said to me, just do it already.  Who cares if no one likes it? What is the worst that could happen?  So, I set out to re-edit and re-edit and re-edit again and then took the plunge. Writers are rarely happy with the final product and are constantly finding mistakes and things to rewrite or add – and yes, I have already found a few mistakes and things I want to rewrite after I submitted the book for publication – but I had to say enough at some point or I would never have published. So what I published is what you get, mistakes and all.

Good News!  Someone actually read the whole book and wrote my first review.  The reader gave me five stars.  Yes, I know who the reader happens to be. But, I hadn’t expected the reader to read my novel or to give a review.  So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw the review. Thank you very much to the reader for the lovely review! It is very appreciated and reviews make it easier for people to find my book.  Amazon likes reviews! So if you like someone’s book that you purchased from Amazon, do the author a favor and write a review.  It doesn’t have to be long just a “great book” is good enough.  It helps them sell their book and inspires them to keep writing so you can keep reading.

Enough of my babbling. Now for what you have been waiting for! The next sneak peak of my book!  Last week I gave you a brief introduction to Brandon Cathcart, one of my favorite characters (well, they are all my favorites) and I thought I would showcase a conversation he and his brother, Nicholas, another sexy alpha male, have after Madeline, their sister and the heroine, has asked them to help her friend Joselyn.  So, here is a little tidbit:

“I wish Madeline was more like the other children.” Nicholas thought that perhaps if she tried to be more like Deirdre, shy, demure and obedient, she would have a happier life.
“You do realize, Nick, that Jared and Deirdre are no longer children,” Brandon commented, changing the subject. He hated it when Nicholas compared the spirited Madeline to Deirdre.
“They are barely out of the cradle,” Nicholas scoffed. He would never see Jared and Deirdre as a young man and a young woman coming into their own.
“They are eighteen and sixteen, Nick. You can’t ignore that they are growing up. Deirdre will have her coming out soon,” Brandon explained, having a hard time himself seeing his little sister all grown up.
Nicholas groaned at the prospect. “Great, as if I don’t have enough problems dealing with Maddy’s beaus.”
“That many?” Brandon smirked, knowing exactly how many beaus Madeline had and who they were. He knew of all the callers his brothers and sisters received. Brandon made it a point to be aware of their friends and associates and of the things they did. If he didn’t approve, he would step in and take care of the situation, using any means necessary.
“Too many,” Nicholas grumbled in aggravation.
“And what will you do when some man decides he wants her as you want Joselyn?” Brandon teased him.
“Kill him,” Nicholas uttered nonchalantly, tossing back his drink.
“Leave the killing to me, Nicholas,” Brandon said seriously. “If the wrong man tries to take Madeline, he will wish he hadn’t.”
Nicholas wasn’t quite sure how Brandon would respond to the man Madeline finally chose. He didn’t understand why she hadn’t chosen a husband and he understood even less that Brandon hadn’t chosen for her. Madeline was twenty-two and some would consider her reaching spinsterhood. Nicholas would make the decision himself if he hadn’t handed over the chore to Brandon years ago. He had given Brandon several suggestions that he considered good matches for Madeline, but Brandon disapproved of them all. At this point, Nicholas didn’t know what Brandon was going to do when a man claimed Madeline for himself, taking the matter out of both their hands. Curiosity getting the better of him, Nicholas asked, “And the right man?”
“I will deliver her to him, myself,” he smirked, pondering the possibility.

I hope you enjoyed that little snippet.  Until next time! Keep on reading!



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