Monday’s Featured Character!

Good Afternoon!

I hope the  week is starting out to be a good one for everyone. Mine began with having a breakfast with some good friends to celebrate a birthday.  It is always great to mark those special occasions with friends. These occasions are what makes life worth living.  We need to celebrate when we can for the little events as well as the large events in our lives.

Onward to Signs of Love and Deliverance’s featured character.  Oh, who to pick, who to pick. There are so many options.  Hmm, how about Nicholas Cathcart? Now, there is a heart throb for you. Nicholas Cathcart, the Earl of Kylington, Madeline Cathcart’s brother and Brandon Cathcart’s half-brother, is tall, handsome with light blue eyes and sandy blond hair streaked with golden highlights. He is dominating, confident and a bit of a womanizer.  He enjoys spending time at his club, dabbling in horse racing and raising a little hell now and again.  On occasion he is impulsive, but he loves his family and is very protective of them. Here is a little excerpt between Nicholas and Joselyn to highlight how alpha Nicholas can be.

“And where do you think you are going?”

“Lord Nicholas.” She turned to face him and lied. “I was going out for a walk.”

“Didn’t Brandon forbid you to leave this house less than an hour ago?” Nicholas was quite aware of what happened earlier that day and Joselyn’s part in it. He was aggravated that Joselyn was not taking the danger to herself, and now to his sisters, seriously. Brandon had informed him of the women’s misadventure and his confining them to their bedrooms. He was not amused that Joselyn was again disobeying his brother. He wasn’t going to allow it.

Joselyn glared at him, tapping her foot in annoyance at being caught. “Yes, but I find no reason why I should obey him. I don’t belong to him.”

“As long as you are under his protection and mine, you will obey us,” he stated firmly.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about one of Signs’ characters.  Head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy if you wish to read more about Nicholas Cathcart. The links below are for and The paperback version is now out on and should become available on in the coming weeks. It is also available in kindle and free for those who have kindle unlimited.

Everyone have a fantastic week and keep on reading!


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